First of all: the first English customs - but it is also the most basic skills most people wear - \"very tough\"
Very image of the ah, because most people come here and run, run again and repeated several times, a very tough battle on several occasions is not it?
This phase requires a firm grasp core of the 2000 high school level vocabulary and syntax,
Method: you make an effort
Attention! At this stage is really very hard to learn grammar can be no short ah, Fortunately, I ~ ~ ~ Fortunately, the secondary benefit of the secret striata duck - and the naval battle title is passed, if you have met this really need to go back I would like to thank the teachers Ah.
Of course, there are ways you can help the passing of the customs (on the rapid clearance should not even think about it, Ha ha), there are good teachers (such as me) in grammar guide on the side of a very effective method of words on the back Duola, but keep in mind that the customs Must master the requirements of grammar and word usage, so come slowly ...
If fortunate enough to have passed the first hurdle, small first to congratulate you, why is it because one, after a few clearance I would also like to congratulate you, of course, have to leave some room for growth! Second, because there immediately to see the second hurdle is also a terrorist, known as \"destroyed\", why? For a long time to say it
We all know that foreign words in Chinese and there are different now, in fact, in addition to words outside the grammar most people hold that \"are not used to\" cause problems in hearing and speaking clearly, in particular, can not hear that unknown, there is another major The vocabulary is useless, and adapt to the English language is also used to not be able to crash, here a brief hearing and speaking exercises based on the way:
Listening: to understand first of all to be heard, that we can distinguish between the words of the word stop gap can be recorded while watching content while listening to the recording method of practice, or from fast to slow quickly to listen to every day adhere to a certain amount of Training, not in January should be able to hear a general rate of general length recording in 40% of the word, a sentence only because of the need to understand the main ingredients, so to understand this word means that 40% to 70% to understand the About the content of the article. Even with the basic skills of listening.
Spoken: At present, only less than 2000\'s vocabulary is too small, but that does not impede the basis of spoken language training, the so-called basis of spoken language, that is the basis of vocabulary can be composed to express the meaning of the phrase, the key phrase is, we all know the words in the dictionary Notes have the right to use the phrase, and the phrase in those terms is not based on? It does not matter so much vocabulary, but will not affect the expression, the phrase used on the line, so training will be the basis of terms of the composition of the phrase to express the ability of the elderly do not think of what high-level words, to use the phrase, the deep-martial Say nothing of exports.
Writing do not want to go, like spoken language training
Read here do not need to elaborate, if a small vocabulary of spoken little effect on writing, reading is the major obstacle here, but must make a training - the training patterns, laying the foundation for the back, in addition to master a variety of clauses, Will be important to the main bin, and other components that, after training for speed-reading and lay a solid foundation.
Do not forget that there are - words, in 2000 with the core vocabulary, but also in general to the extent of the accumulation of 2000-4000 words, this means that the general level of understanding / studied will / will listen to you, do not know how to use, because Most simply do not need, which thousands of words I can use the image memory, easy to get a year (more easily? 10 minutes per day)
Well, the second phase completed, if not words, more than half a year is enough, I suggest that words can be accumulated through the stages of the second and third phase, if successful, we can quickly move on to the third stage - the \"reborn\" into actual combat Stage.
Actual combat, that is, the faster the speed of the hearing, the standard spoken language proficiency and writing, reading speed-reading
Hearing: The higher speed requirements of more sensitive information and to capture the ears of the brain to process information faster, and more importantly, the latter of which, with the same method, but could no longer be satisfied with clear thinking to keep up with the general language Speed up training of thinking can only be a general response should be the fastest speed recorded, the exercise will be a rapid response to the purpose of training
Spoken: the phrase by the expression patterns into the training organizations, training, in line with the rapid and English are used to two major goals, a large number of pattern analysis and translation in the United Kingdom and gradually increase the sentence and the speed of the Organization of the accumulated experience of the English habit, and then through the writing culture Talk to speak English. Here, there are a lot of guidance to longer-term exercise training on the speed and sense of language is essential.
Read: Now there\'s a larger vocabulary will be able to read and understand the speed of training and the other details of the text.
The third phase would require at least a year to achieve high levels.