There is no chance of survival in the United States, to develop, the key is to look at any opportunity to express themselves, and other exchanges. If you are dumb to learn English, in the United States you will be very difficult. At present, our University English education is flawed. Learning a language, communication is end, rather than the language itself. We tend to only English as a knowledge in science, from primary, in the end, or do not speak English.
Language exchange and have a lot of words, sentences, grammar are two different things. Language on their own knowledge, we have been through. We are indispensable in exchange for the use of English only when we can exchange with each other to think of each other decipher the code. The same thing in a different language environment is not to say the same. We should learn from the process of learning the goal of contraction, the pursuit of large and wide knowledge of English into the pursuit of a quantitative skills. Here are 6 kinds of verbal skills to practice:
First, how to define a simple English skills in the East and West. Americans and 80% talk to the Americans want to tell the other side of this thing is. Our textbooks despite increasing difficulty of vocabulary, but the logical structure of thinking only stay in one level. Is a common Chinese saying Whereisthebook (where the book)? Few people said Whatisabook (What is the book)? The primary and secondary school students in the United States began to ask: Whatisthebook? Whereisthebook thinking this is just the description of the stage. But I think even college students are difficult to answer Whatisabook? China\'s traditional mode of teaching English church did not express their thinking skills of students.

Second, if the Society has been defined, but also understand the bias, it would be to train Howtoexplainthingsindifferentways (in a different way to explain the same thing). An expression not understand the other side, the Americans will find another to understand each other so that the ultimate expression. Because one thing, but to express its language may be a lot of symbols. This practice must do more to replace. Traditional teaching methods have to do the replacement exercise, but this is not a true replacement to replace only the language of the replacement level, rather than thinking of the replacement level. For example, Iloveyou (I Love You). According to our teaching methods to replace you put into her, mymother and so on, the replacement of primary and secondary school students and practicing Miaohong no different. This replacement did not pose a challenge to intelligence, not to start thinking. This replacement of the basic sentence structure has not changed, I do not understand Iloveyou, certainly did not understand Iloveher. If the replacement for Iwanttokissyou, Iwanttohugyou, Iwillshowmyhearttoyou, and so on, or talk to each other\'s movie \"Titanic\" and tell the other side and that is love, so the other party may be understood. This is really a true replacement. That is to say in a different way to express the same meaning, or an expression did not catch the other side, give a simple example to understand the expression until the other side understand.

Third, we Americans must learn how to describe things. From the description of speaking, China and the United States because of the different culture will have great differences. Wu Waihu description of the things we put it in time and space coordinates of the two up to describe. Americans are always described by the space inside and outside, and in the table. The Chinese were just the opposite. In terms of timing, according to the Chinese people is a natural time to describe the order. We describe a thing when it stopped suddenly, often said that the place is the most important. Americans in time of the first to describe the most important things out and then some foil. Only the tragic incident took place, the United States together with talent in front of the bedding. This is the Chinese and Americans at the time described the huge difference.


Fourth, important to learn how to use the idiom of the United States. Is not easy to learn, easy to understand the confusion caused by what is \"Idioms.\" For instance, Beijing said that the cap covers the children of foreigners is difficult to understand, this is the idiom. So the Americans and the exchange, the proper use of American idioms, he will immediately feel very cordial, and you love the exchange. So what does it mean idiom? Is that each word you know, but they put together, you do not know what is the meaning.

Fifth, the two languages of the Institute of interpretation ability. This is a measure of the level of verbal one of the most important criteria. Because English is not our mother tongue, we naturally have their own mother tongue. Many people think that learning a foreign language have to lose our mother language, this is not right.

Sixth, we should have the ability to speculate. Why do the Americans and the Americans, Chinese and exchanges between the Chinese people have a little ambiguous? Because they can be \"speculation.\" We do not advocate the teaching of \"speculation.\" But I think to speculate on the United States to learn spoken language is very important. In exchange, there is a word you do not understand, you can not go dictionary right away, this time to speculate on the need to bridge the gap to make up for this, otherwise it will interrupt the exchange.

Speaking about the Chinese people to learn to recite, the sentence back, back tone, the result is a lot of people talk about when speaking of spoken language speakers began to focus on the upward turn, actually remember once looking back over things. If he would be able to guess, I would not wish this kind of phenomenon.

I am talking about is more than learn how to use the American way of thinking skills 6. Chinese students can do 6:00, with a short period of time will certainly be able to learn spoken language.

English-speaking voice again. We Chinese do not need to go to a dead end, we made the pursuit of a local audio-visual, as long as we do not pronounce the other side can be a misleading. We usually do not have blind faith in what the scientific method, just remember one thing: to imitate. But there must be the imitate standard English or American English. In imitation on the basis of 1 hour each day to maintain the practice of self-spoken, and this practice must be a hypothetical two-way exchange of occasions, that it was as if you, like the exchange.

Finally, the English talk about the gas issue. We pronunciation, as far as possible hypogastric gas transportation, and avoid the use of lung sounds, which can make loud round of spoken English