Fresh graduates, the School because of personnel changes, I was an interim arrangement as one of the high-class, at the School at that time very few arrangements before the university graduates as the class teacher. Speak frankly, I was hesitant before, because their business is still unfamiliar, for fear of when the class dispersed energy is also not afraid of the impact of their own classes with future work. However, a party member\'s duty to bargain does not allow me to Organize, only determined to do a good job.
In my opinion of party members at any time, any historical conditions should play a vanguard role and maintain its advanced nature, which is beyond doubt. However, in different historical periods, its nature is not exactly the same connotation. It is peace, do not need our lives every party member to the practice of this nature, it is impossible to do everyone a lot of earth-shattering performance, as long as we base ourselves in their respective posts, always bear in mind the purpose of the party, each taking step, each to do one thing, are the \"three represents\" as the standard, are the state and the collective, it is losing its advanced nature.
As a party member, a teacher, most of my life are linked to students, working four years, there is laughter, there are tears, but when I have not flinched in their own personality in my opinion among the biggest advantages is not give up easily, or do one thing, do go on to do a good job. I use one by one the little things, bit by bit actions to perform the duties of a teacher, a member of the Communist Party to interpret the cause of education loyalty. Loyalty, is a mirror that reflects the behavior of each and every party member, reflecting the feelings of the people; loyalty, people are a realm, it is an action.
Here, I want to tell me at two teaching career from the trivial memories.
Life at the dictionary, \"love\" was the most extensive and profound, but in each person\'s love and being loved life, it seems they are so simple and concrete. Teacher has experienced all know, education students are the best way to love, I did not realize this happened until a trivial matter. I teach 99-year high one, there is a class called Student, single Yunfei, fun and good action. One day when playing the ball out of his arm, I hurried to him to the hospital Friday, doctors said, after examination of the fracture are required to immediately hospitalized osteosynthesis, hospitalization of at least 1000 yuan deposit. I know that a single perennial Yunfei\'s father at the field, one person only when the mother took him to his mother always called shutdown. At that time, I now live in single dormitory, who did not so much money, and teachers also have been off duty and in the end I had to give, who lives across from the After School Teacher phone borrow money, well-patient procedures. Doctor after all the arrangements to give him good bone, and this time his mother did not contact on, doctors will let me hold down him, watching the white lips pain Children, beans large beads of sweat drip down, but ignorance of the shouted refused at the time, I feel the truth of his brother at the same suffering, DC tears too distressed. Instead, single-Yunfei comfort me, \"Teacher, all right, I am not hurt, you do not worry.\" Then good bone, a cast, I help him back to drip onto the wards, has many of the 20 o\'clock, I hurried outside to give He bought a dumpling, he injured his right hand are left needle flying again, I fed him one by one to eat dumpling. At this time, I saw a big boy\'s eyes flashing with tears.
Yunfei after this single incident has been written essay, show me the Chinese teachers, the article is full of, he said that I encountered him are the best teacher, he will never forget that this matter will with excellent results to return Teacher. Since then, he has worked hard for a lot of study has also been admitted once before the year 100. I think this is the psychology of love sense of movement, and I only paid a little bit of a student has won the love of her life.
From this incident that I realized that with a sincere love of the students you could be such a huge return on the soul, and this is only our teachers to have spiritual wealth. On the students for the pure love of the situation, but also for the sacred duty of a teacher, more of a loyal member of the Communist Party of the heart, I must make every effort to work on the job.
At work, I always remember he was a member of the Communist Party must be in strict demands on themselves. In the hot summer, I also think many dormitories at midday to rest a while, but not, I would like to go on time for afternoon seized Class; in the snow of winter, I also want to be one school late every day, but do not trip, School requirements of the class teacher to the school prior to 7:00;go home finished up another storm also tired, can not prepare the next day after class, I also think, forget, tomorrow mama Deal with what had, but also No, knowledge岂容the slightest bit sloppy; homoharringtonine last time Saturday, I did not lessons, but I do not rest assured that students always look at the morning to school when I go to do all this, I know that I am at with their own behavior to set an example for students, its role is worth a thousand words.