Teachers and students, hello. Today, I am honored to stand at this stage, to express from my school to the present views of a number of shallow, even if nothing to do with harmony.
One speaker said that the United States: two hours of Speech not ready, 15-minute speech preparation week, 3-minute speech to a few weeks. Therefore, please allow me to watch their language to write some to give you some consider, a number of insights. Also asked me to listen to you quietly finished, not to interrupt me, thank you.
There is a problem, I have been thinking: What is the meaning of life? Bi Shumin once said, life is meaningless. Perhaps the time to hear here, you will feel confused, how could life not the point? And she answered, so that the audience memories of the students: there is no meaning in life, but you do want to establish a meaning. Pondering off than those insincere the meaning of life, consider a more value. Back to reality, we as students, is it also to establish their own meaning of life then?
Perhaps you will say that we are all the remnants of a routed army entrance to school is hard父命. Well, I will be sad for these people. They put their own rights to the parents, rather than their own inner master. These people, the appearance looks very full, but empty empty mind, no thought, no pursuit, in my opinion is no different from At a walking corpses. I really find it hard to understand why these Games will make people throughout the night, why television will make it difficult for them to extricate themselves? They probably even goals, self-control are not. American playwright ricaurte said: When people talk about how to spend their time when they spend time being. It reminds me of a story: warm water in the frog. Finally the end, everyone must clear. I sometimes think red was castigating them: you just go home Well go to school, not only waste your parents hard-earned money, but you waste valuable game time. In the classroom on their it is better to return home to sleep lying in a coffin, this is better. However, I did not, I can not find them cruel, only in this short speech, sent me this semester probably the only cry.
Kai-fu Lee\'s fourth letter - a four-year university should do the opening Spend wrote: University is the most critical life stage. In his view, to enter the University of person should grasp the seven study: self-study of the Road, basic knowledge, the practice of linking, cultivate interest, initiative, good use of time doing things well. Of course, I am not asking for too much of you, nor your eligibility requirements. I can only ask ourselves, not to sleep late every morning, at least in the broadcast before the end of open notebook, look at the mail and blog, browse through the news. On your peace of mind to sleep in bed Well, not to disturb me up early, let me Spend the spirit of the most quiet solitude. I do not want to play and did not play the Game, perhaps I school are only a game blind you. Though I will not play games was left out in the cold, but I still have very happy, happy in spirit, rather than superficial change at silly in front of the computer.
Heard here, which you must someone feel angry. Yes ah, the dream of existence, are not the dream of the challenges and offensive. Xu Xiaoping read the language, a person the most important value of life does not lie in whether or not he is successful, but whether he has the dream of success, whether or not strive for the dream of the opportunities, rights and freedoms. Looking back at those inspirational movies: wind and rain Harvard Rd, Shawshank redemption, Forrest Gump, have kung fu panda. Abao\'s dream, even though looks a distant prospect, but still support him are not to be a mediocre life of the spirit of submerged pillars, a constant give Abao confidence and interest in the livelihood source of power. Finally, he defeated the only Leopard. I think after watching movies, the U.S. must feel a lot of laughter must also have been making progress after the impulse. However, later, the forgotten, forgotten. Therefore, I have the necessary again you do not want to listen to hear the word: insist. Nothing on the world to work with you the strength compared to insist, there is no force so that insist become futile, but also do not have anything to denigrate the value or change insist. Perhaps you do not believe, but the truth is that get up early, I insist, at least now. I would like to quote what Bingxin that poem: the success of flower, it is only present Mingyan it, and the initial bud, but the struggle immersion,洒满a sacrifice . Lily also understand that it is very deep very pleased by the teardrop knot. I would also like to use the say: Although we have now are nothing, but as long as you have the seeds of the tree, even if you were to step on the soil between, you are still able to absorb the soil nutrients that they grow up. Li Yang insist not mad crazy achievements ? So that each of us should have dreams, insist there is the pursuit of dreams. Remember that in mind so that you have different dreams, not to put other people\'s dreams fastened eyes.
Finally, I would like to mention is that self-cultivation. A New Year speech at Harvard say this: people can not education, but can not act self-cultivation. There is cultivation of the people do not necessarily have education, people do not necessarily have cultivated are graduating from university. So, I hope you can live gracefully, at least not to influence others, to live together in harmony.
If this short speech, can you or the next one month to three years of life has changed, then I would be very pleased. . Thanks