I do not want to put a game now as one race, Master Rabindranath Tagore said: \"The fruits are distinguished career, the cause of the flower are sweet, but let us cause the leaf to do it!\" I select a the cause of the leaf, which can be used as a \"burn all its light and heat, and then quietly go back,\" to the interpretation of the profession, teachers like a blackboard, once full of magic, and finally remove it was reactive and Lee. I just want to share with you my story, sharing a mere five years teaching and teacher for only five years of my work experience, the story of those flat light.
Looking back five years, I feel that they meet and are happy: birthday wishes big on the blackboard, the students have a birthday song singing in unison; sneeze when one inadvertently received a piece of paper: \"go back to it! You enough to worry about the can not ah sick! \" Many have from time to time on the desk of the small pot, gold throat; occasionally by people Add my hat in the shirt, candy, small print article ... ... I really admire these guys are the insight and imagination, which allows me to think of one a happy laugh.
But some things make me sad sad. Once students have some say in the week on my
mind \"sinister\", \"cunning\"! Multiple words ah! But discipline is carried out in a surprise attack on the Class, the uncovered \"black sheep\" and \"killing the horse,\" only to warn the monkey, you have the wrong? But ah my class! Extremely wronged me, and put our mind at Writing class inside the QQ group, the students know that my informant is on everyone to wear flat heeled shoes I am getting old and did not walk very disgusted voice,冷不丁appear in person, as the specter of death, it is terrifying, but also so that they have no sense of security. I think they reflect on a moment to say that there is a certain reason, so my whole class in front of a review into the line, and committed as many as possible high-heeled shoes. Students might feel are my sincere, then even better a lot of discipline. Confidence in the boundless power.
Also one more thing, in retrospect, some are scared, I can almost make a \"tree damage\" people. Sub-level problem is a perfect Health, school late repair noisy night, talk invalid. Playing cards in his third dormitory caught me, I finally called his home phone, I have a few sub-sections, its good schools at all \"crimes\", such as telephone access only, I will to him一股脑Chinese parents do, my heart also to imagine the kind of lax ball played under the burden of pleasure relax after. However, no one answered phone. Shortly afterwards, I accidentally saw a little story: Some people fell into the water, and the man yelled: woman: \"lying in the water, afloat!\" They shout attracted the attention of a lifeguard, he off the past, the \"thump\" A jumped into the water, put the person in distress to save it up. Lifeguards later said: \"God knows, how no one ? People almost drowned, but also taught him to swim!\"
Yes ah, someone fell into the water, and also taught him to swim; error had been committed, but preach, scold. They have used it? I began to reflect on their practice: the question for Health, if we return control to parents, and even let them go back to school, we have a very easy, but the impact on the life of the Child there is much ah? Experienced educators have said: \"listen to preaching is often more direct than a person\'s soul, so bad well the best way to change is to enable him continue to enjoy the pleasure of success.\" Treated my son started to change the attitude and method level, and later, At last I remember him on the week saw: \"I have a new beginning,\" the encouraging words!
After describing the story, and finally allow me to one of Mr. Wang Guozhen poet poem the end of my speech, and your colleagues share:
I do not expect return
To give you a
I do not expect return
If you pay
Is for
There is a day to obtain
How small will become my
You lake
Embankment around me are happy
If you are a mountain
I will be happy you are decorating the grass looks
Does not necessarily make their own great
But must be
Their noble
  回首五年,我觉得自己是满足而快乐的:生日那天黑板上大大的祝福、同学们齐唱生日歌;晚自习时一个不经意的喷嚏,收到的纸条:“早点回去吧!你够操心了,可别生病啊” !还有办公桌上时不时多出的小盆栽、金嗓子;偶尔被人放入我上衣的帽子里的糖果、小字条……我真佩服这些家伙们的洞察力和想象力,这些让我一想起就幸福得发笑。
  但是也有些事会让我伤心难过。曾经有几个学生在周记上说我“阴险”、“狡诈”!多重的词语啊!不过就是在对班级纪律进行突袭后,揪出“害群之马”, “杀马”儆了猴而已,有错么?我可是班主任啊!我委屈极了,把心情写在我们班的QQ群里面,经学生告密我才知道,是大家对我老穿平跟鞋走路没声音厌恶极了,冷不丁出现在某人身后像幽灵,很是怕人,也让他们毫无安全感。我反省了一下觉得他们说的是有一定道理的,于是我当着全班同学进了行了检讨,并承诺以后尽量多穿高跟鞋。同学们兴许是感受到了我的真诚,后来晚自习纪律竟然好了不少。信任的力量是无穷的。
  还一件事情,回想起来都有些后怕,我可差点做了“毁树”人。子平是个十足的问题生,上课迟到、乱喊乱叫引人发笑,晚修吵闹,谈心无效。在他宿舍打牌第三次被我抓到,我终于拨通了他家里的电话,我已经分条列数好了其在校的所有“罪行”,只等电话接通,我便会一股脑向他家长倒泄,我心中还想象着那种懈下重担踢过皮球后的轻松愉悦。可是,电话无人接听。不久后,我无意中看到一则小故事:有人落水了,男的大叫:“ 屏住气!屏住气!”女的狂喊:“ 躺在水面,浮着!”他们的喊声引起了救生员的注意,他奔过去,“扑通” 一声跳入水,把那遇险的人救了上来。救生员后来说:“ 天晓得,怎么就没有人叫救命?人都快淹死了,还教他游泳!”