A: sea, when once in the past be forgotten, when the promise was once weathering, when the vicissitudes of life, the mother of the dream is still charming, parents are still the silent ocean;
B: Taste of affection, well long, star charged crowd, a grizzled of the clean water-Qing Yang, wasted youth; warm look to disperse the darkness, that is, in the cold, the world in April;
A: water wearing a stone, not through the mother to wear raincoats, shifting the peak of love is not going, busy end, faintly visible traces of love; cherish life, the parents return, the love of the season, for the love singing!
All: year three of \"Thanksgiving Society, Institute of Living,\" for now
Parents feel the love
B: No matter where you are in, there are two people, they always occupy the minds of you at the softest place, they would like to use their own life to love you; there is a kind of love that he so recklessly you obtain and enjoy, but not to you any return ... ...
A: Please enjoy the story, \"Apple Tree.\" (Video)
A: The tree, just like our father, mother, we will if that little boy, a child, we are always around the father, mother playing around, gradually grow up, will leave his parents, and do not come back. Moreover, each time coming back, is not happy when, or what is required when there is. And parents who put their best, the best things we need to us, when we always get things turned around and left, leaving behind our desire to stay in their parents beside him, staring with a small gradual background.
B: In spite of this, their hearts, they are constantly saying \"I hope he will be happy, wish him all the way successfully, peace.\" When we tired, they reach out our arms so that we can be secure in their the arms to rest, free from noise.us against them, not only so, but also have \"dream come true.\" None but they no regrets and do not. Really poor, \"Parents\" ah
A: Writing following a few short words sum up: how to talk about your parents?
(For students to read their own written words, honor those who talk about the views)
Hope to hear from parents of sons and daughters blessed words, if one wishes to write, then at Parent Parent birthday gift, it should be how to write? who write well (to two minutes, and then called out several classmates wrote it myself)
Student A: When the proud, the mother may not be at my side and I share the joy of success. However, the teachings of her total sun sun can no longer lose my own. Frustrated, the mother must be at my side. Her encouragement and comfort, the total can find my self in the face of adversity.
Student B: I hope today will be the mother of all the smile from their hearts, for the sons and daughters, as long as the mother happy, we happy! Happiness!
Student C: Mother, your warm embrace of the most! No matter how far I go, never mind ---- This is sentimentally attached to your back-up
Student D: love is great, the mother with love the foundation to build a harmonious home, and we thank her mother for her to give us life, gave us the selfless love.
B: life, boundless gratitude, saying the words, an action, a little sentiment, were able to express and explain the true meaning of appreciation; Thanksgiving Seamless, one effort that can progress with the desire to convey a truth.
A: Society of Thanksgiving it! Let our lives forever caring, full of love and caring, full of warmth!
B: Let us with a grateful heart, to hear the voice of the students, \"How Many parents hard.\"
  A:流水穿石,穿不透母亲的雨衣,愚公移山,移不走父爱的高峰,繁华落幕,爱的痕迹依稀可见; 珍爱生命,回报父母,在爱的季节里,为爱高歌!
  (让同学读一读自己写下的话,谈关于孝敬的看法 )
  学生A:得意的时候,母亲不一定能在我的身边和我一起分享成功的喜悦。但她那淳淳教诲总能让我不再迷失自己。失意的时候,母亲一定能在我的身边。她的鼓励及安慰,总能让我在逆 境中找到自我。
  学生B:希望今天,所有的母亲都会从心里微笑,为了儿女,只要妈妈快乐,我们就快乐! 快乐!
  学生C:妈妈,您的怀抱最温暖!无论我走多远,心中永远眷恋您 ----这是备用