1 I think we can draw up a tentative plan now.我觉得此刻可以先草拟一具姑且方案。 

2 If he wants to make any changes,minor alternations can be made then.如果他有甚么定见的话,我们还可以对打算略加点窜。

3 I’ve come to make sure that your stay in Beijing is a pleasant one.我特意为你们放置使你们在北京的勾留舒畅。

4 You’re going out of your way for us, I believe.我相信这是对我们的特别顾问了。

5 It’s just the matter of the schedule,that is,if it is convenient for you right now.如果你们感应便利的话,我想此刻会商一下日程放置的标题问题。

6 Is there any way of ensuring we’ll have enough time for our talks?我们是不是能包管有充沛的工夫来构和?

7 So our evenings will be quite full then?那么我们的勾当在晚上也放置满了吗?

8 We’ll leave some evenings free,that is,if it is all right with you.如果你们愿意的话,我们想留几个晚上供你们自由安排。

9 We’d have to compare notes on what we’ve discussed during the day.我们想用点工夫来研究会商一下白日构和的环境。

10 That’ll put us both in the picture.如许两边都能体味周全的环境。

11 Then we’d have some ideas of what you’ll be needing.那么我们就会心中有点儿数,大白你们需要甚么了。

12 I can’t say for certain off-hand.我还不克不及立刻说定。

13 Better have something we can get our hands on rather than just spend all our time talking.有些实际材料拿到手总比坐着闲谈强。

14 It’ll be easier for us to get down to facts then.如许就容易进行本质性的构和了。

15 But wouldn’t you like to spend an extra day or two here?你们不肯意在北京多待一天吗?

16 I’m afraid that won’t be possible,much as we’d like to.虽然我们很想如许做,但生怕不可了。

17 We’ve got to report back to the head office.我们还要回往向总部报告请示环境呢。

18 Thank you for you cooperation.感谢你们的合作。

19 We’ve arranged our schedule without any trouble.我们已很顺利地把勾当日程放置好了。

20 Here is a copy of itinerary we have worked out for you and your friends.Would you please have a look at it?这是我们为你和你的伴侣拟定的勾当日程放置。请过目一下,好吗?

21 If you have any questions on the details, feel free to ask.如果对某些细节有定见的话,请提出来。

22 I can see you have put a lot of time into it.我相信你在拟定这个打算上必定花了良多精力吧。

23 We really wish you’ll have a pleasant stay here.我们朴拙地希看你们在这里过得舒畅。

24 I wonder if it is possible to arrange shopping for us.我想可否在我们拜候结束时为我们放置一点工夫购物。

25 Welcome to our factory.欢迎到我们工厂来。

26 I’ve been looking forward to visiting your factory.我一向都盼看着参不雅贵厂。

27 You’ll know our products better after this visit.参不雅后您会对我们的产品有更深的体味。

28 Maybe we could start with the Designing Department.或许我们可以先参不雅一下想象部门。

29 Then we could look at the production line.然后我们再往看看消费线。

30 These drawings on the wall are process sheets.墙上的图表是工艺流程表。

31 They describe how each process goes on to the next.表述着每道工艺间的跟尾环境。

32 We are running on two shifts.我们施行的工作是两班倒。

33 Almost every process is computerized.几近每道工艺都是由电脑节制的。

34 The efficiency is greatly raised,and the intensity of labor is decreased.工作效力大年夜大年夜地进步了,而劳动强度却降落了。

35 All produets have to go through five checks in the whole process.所有产品在全部消费过程中得经由过程五道质量查抄关。
101 It would help if you could try to speak a little slower.请你尽可能放慢措辞速度。

102 Could you please explain the premises of your argument in more detail?你能详细申明你们的论据吗?


103 It will help me understand the point you are trying to make.这会帮忙我体味你们的重点。

104 We cannot proceed any further without receiving your thoughts with respect to the manner of payment.我们如果不体味你们对款编制的定见,便不克不及进一步检讨。

105 Actually, my interest was directed more towards what particular markets you foresee for our product.实际上,我关心的是贵公司对我们产品市场的考量。

106 We really need more specific information about your technology.我们需要与贵公司手艺相干更专门的资讯。

107 Our project must proceed at a reasonably quick tempo. Surely one month is ample time, isn’t it?这个打算必需尽速进行。一个月的工夫该当够了吧?

108 I will try, but no promises.

109 I could not catch your question. Could you repeat it, please?我没听清晰你们的标题问题,你能反复一次吗? 分页标题#e#

110 The following answer is subject to official confirmation.以下的谜底必需再颠末正式确认才有效。

111 Let me give you an indication.我可以提示一个设法。

112 Please remember this is not to be taken as final.请记得这不是最后的答复。

113 Let’s imagine a hypothetical case where we disagree.让我们假定一个我们不合意的状况。

114 Just for argument’s sake, suppose we disagree.为了会商各类景象,让我们假定我方不合意时的措置编制。

115 There is no such published information.没有相干的出版资料。

116 Such data is confidential.

117 I am not sure such data does exist.我不肯定是不是有如许的资料存在。

118 It would depend on what is on the list.这要看列表内容。

119 We need them urgently.

120 All right. I will send the information on a piecemeal basis as we acquire it.好。我们收齐以后会立刻寄给你。

121 I’d like to introduce you to our company. Is there anything in particular you’d like to know?我将向你介绍我们的公司,你有甚么特别想大白的吗?

122 I’d like to know some information about the current investment environment in your country?我想体味一下贵国的投资环境。

123 I’d like to know something about your foreign trade policy.我特别想体味有关贵国对外商业的政策。

124 It is said that a new policy is being put into practice in your foreign trade.传闻你们正在施行一种新的对外商业政策。

125 Our foreign trade policy has always been based on equality and mutual benefit and exchange of needed goods.我们的对外商业政策一贯是以划一互利、互通有没有为根本的。

126 We have adopted much more flexible methods in our dealings.我们在详细*作编制上矫捷多了。

127 We have mainly adopted some usual international practices.我们首要采纳了一些国际上的常例做法。

128 You have also made some readjustment in your import and export business, have you?你们的进出口商业也有一些调剂,对吗?

129We are sure both of us have a brighter future.我们相信两边都有一个光亮的前景。

130 How would you like to proceed with the negotiations?你觉得该如何来进行此次构和呢?

131 Perhaps you’ve heard our product’s name. Would you like to know more about it?或许你已传闻过我们产品的名称,你想大白更多一点吗?

132 Let me tell you about our product.关于产品一事让我向你申明。

133 This is our most recently developed product.这是我们比来开辟的产品。

134 We’d like to recommend our new home health monitor.我们想保举我们新的家庭健康监测器。

135 That sounds like the product we had in mind.那种产品好像就是我们所想要的。

136 I’m sure you’ll be pleased with this product.我敢包管你会喜好这类产品的。

137 I’m really positive that this product has all the features you have always wanted.我确信这类产品有各类你所要的格式。


138 I strongly recommend this product.我强力保举这类产品。

139 If I were you, I’d choose this product.如果我是你,我就选择这类产品。

140 We’ve already had a big demand for this product.这类产品我们已有很大年夜的需要求量。

141 This product is doing very well in foreign countries.这类产品在国外很畅销。

142 Our product is competitive in the international market.我们的产品在国际市场上具有竞争力。

143 Let’s move on to what makes our product sell so well.让我来讲明是甚么启事使我们的产品发卖得那么好。

144 Good. That’s just what we want to hear.很好,那恰是我们想要听的。

145 The distinction of our product is its light weight.我们产品的特点就是它很轻。

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