See you at First sight, I said to myself: you are my life\'s goal to strive, I want to pursue you, I want to embrace you. I would like to announce: I hate you ... ... ... RMB!
Urgent reminder: take a look at your left, then take a look at the right side of you. Please be careful just slipped out of a mental illness, characterized by him: look around with a cell phone.
Frankly speaking I am very fond of you, your eyes, walk, happy face, even look like you sleep, have fascinated me! Let me be the most angry are you incompetent mice, but also old linting!
When I was small, you me to sing, I can sing 200 songs, you will be able to jump 200 dance, so people call me a Kind 200 songs that you dance for 200.
You know why my life? In fact, we recognize thousands of years ago, and at that time is spring, my chasing you run very far at my left teeth marks your achievement of the age-old story. Dongbin called me at that time.
Recently, the wind is very tight, book of suspending the operation of the Sugar Program. The boss told you not to rash action, so as to avoid doubts about the police. NOTICE hands waiting for a specific time. Keep this in mind!
People become stiff, gradually yellow face, white as milk, brown sugar lips like; has no object, would also like to pretend that the firm, met with the beauty as wolves, encountered buddies - the demo also.
I love you such as the surging river flow, and as the spread of the Yellow River got out of hand, touching it? Why no way you are today\'s holiday! Oh Happy holiday!
Magic This is a message, start from the 30-year-old birthday insist on time every night against a watch, you can live to be a hundred! The first time to see to the entry into force of 25,550 times!
Had a sincere love, I did not cherish, lose the only regret would come back, I would say: I love you. To declare the election time, I hope that is: Fool\'s Day!
Standing in front of the reservoirs, is just a few jump, not even blink his left eye three times, even blink his right eye three times, with a smile And keep blink you eyes blink, and finally you can be a jump!
Encountered me you are inviting the beginning of Fall in love with me you are a better choice. You have my most precious asset. The bottom of my heart the most about the person you are. Unfortunately the people I Chuan mistake.
Today, I do for you 20 of the insurance money, terrific bar! Insurance company will send someone to put policies and invoices sent to you ... ... Oh, forget that these 20 are from the ten thousand of premiums you pay.
Sports Channel quick look! Football hooligan scene and the stadium should recruit girls, but also held hostage standoff with the police more than Nude! Ah well stimulation!
Attention! Bedroom at you before January pinhole cameras installed. Double-check the bed across from it! Three days after the DVD send EMS to you, please check!
Do not think that I forgot you, at a critical time, for example, April 1, I first think of is you, who told you today is this holiday!
Dawn the first ray of sunshine there are my deep blessings on you. Put away the last touch of sunset Yanhong are you my sincere regards to: [How are you, stupid. ]
BY cell phone free calls: when there is incoming phone ringing in the second immediately before the shutdown by the shutdown, when the call is free.
Search notices Pig: I lost a pig. Characteristics: smart, understanding, people with access to a mobile phone and message, speed to information!you the owner now!
Fool\'s Day approaches, the message to remind you receive are false, which means the opposite. The following is the first: You are smart handsome extraordinary mass lovers!
You the moon, my earth, led by the firm you go, my hair using a mobile phone confession, the request sent to love, let me affectionately at you, hand in hand around.
First to see you, my heart is like water of the red wine, in one of the exciting light temperature, not your life, just as there is no ketchup potato chips, I hope you can understand my heart.
The feelings of one of the most important are the feelings of their own, if a person can love Fall in love with your own, it is very good, I would like to become this person, you are willing to accept me?
From now on, all my units up 40% of salaries, please Apr 31 9:00-17:00 to receive the financial gaps in the January-April part.
China Mobile users: because of the recent commissioning networks, such as your cell phone when there is no signal or not connected, you will force mobile phone fell to the ground, try hard fall and repeated several times that the mobile phone back to normal.
Now please touch the face of the mirror and stare and smile, if the color pink, soft, delicate face hair, it\'s very healthy you. Well, the U.S. \"pig lectures\" on here.
Please note that all staff, due to failure of the server can not send and receive e-mail, cell phone message this week, the company will work in the form of distribution, please everyone stay on the seat, engineers will come good for you based gateway, mobile phone or cell phone NOT NOT message service to us go to Front Desk to receive a new cell phone, I would like to thank co-operation.
English spelling of the Pig PUG are you? - No, it PIG - not you, remember me how are U (YOU) Yes - you made a mistake, yes I - Pig are YOU - yes I Pig
Make furniture are wood, the scholar to understand poetry, people want is money, the message is watch Jackass, Happy Fool\'s Day wish.
Urgent reminder: there is fear of thunder and lightning phenomenon recently, when you go head and put on the cell phone charger plug to connect to the trailer behind, for lightning protection, remember!
BY cell phone free calls: when there is incoming phone ringing in the second before being shut down after 54sg, call free of charge at this time.
This is a carefully designed message, your cell phone will look upside down, will be able to enjoy ... ... Fantastic design fun mobile吗?
According to the United States Massachusetts Institute of Technology study found that large, play mobile phone handset before the bubbles in the water one minute, can be completely avoided electromagnetic radiation on human brain, remember!
Spirometry, self-rated tips: after fart after release bow, and then observe whether or not people around the smelly smell. If so, this Act shall be to strengthen the training; if not, then prove that you are Superman!
Report: Your position at this time is not right to sleep. In good health for you, please re-up to sleep ... ... mobile phone real-time monitoring system. Emergency alerts: Tornado have the weather in recent days for fear, it must carry out two 10-kilogram dumbbell to avoid the wind on the west to the days of volume.
Seismic prediction: tonight, tomorrow morning to have micro-earthquakes, for your security, please this evening wrapped blanket, wearing a toilet, nose stuck in a straw bed to sleep.
So many years, you know that I find much harder to find it? I traveled all over the world, that is, in order to find a face like you! This is my business card, feel free to come to my orthopedic hospital!
For panda to replace David, at the Swan I have Bosom, land and Jeep running side by side, take part in the Olympic triple jump. toad happy laugh at Mobile .
In order to ask for ransom, the Monkey King brigands hit cell phone, suggesting that the sound: the other side has been out of service area! Tang asked him: Pig Journey to the number? Tang: I have made a message to it, look it is.
I agree, no matter what must be calm. Regardless of anything to do Chi-Yi will be all. Regardless of when and where to be optimistic no matter .---- happy to have encountered no one told him not to You.
Give me a chance?缘分are known to us, which are缘分give me the opportunity to heaven, I do not want to miss, so give me my chance. You a hit.
猪的英语拼写是PUG吧? --不对,是PIG --不是吧,我怎么记得是U(YOU)呀 -你弄错了,是I --猪是YOU --猪是I