University Students are both members of a received multi-year education, have more scientific and cultural knowledge of students, but also by the party are a training and education, work style of the idea of party members, whether they maintain their advanced nature, to a large extent on whether young people decide the contemporary to maintain the advanced nature.
Recently, university students make something happen is very sad, LIU Hai-yang, name it ... a lingering fear, there have been colleges and universities students have been expelled for cheating in the exam, Internet addiction and the impact of academic situation, such as family, college students appear in many more and more questions, more and more serious, the attitude of community college students are quietly changing, \"God\'s favored city\" name has become history. How to display society elegant contemporary college students, establish a good image of contemporary college students has become every college students, especially college students are members of the task.
Faced with these problems, we can not help but ask: University Students true degenerate it? The answer is no. There is no denying that at College Expansion, an increasingly competitive society and other factors, the importance of university students there have been some problems, but the mainstream of college students are good. And how this is the best mainstream party members in each college must face the issue. There is a saying is \"a mouse droppings, broken pot of soup,\" If the University Students compared this group that soup pot, then the existence of University Students in no doubt who is the heart of an adverse situation, \"mouse droppings,\" and do not eradicate these phenomena students improve on the quality of out of the question, national rejuvenation will also be on paper are Forever, which is a college party members can not be tolerated. University Students as members, whether in study or in terms of ideology, should be on day-to-day behavior set an example by their own practical action to set an example for students to showcase contemporary youth society demeanor, which is given each time members of the mission of University Students.
We are also pleased to see that college students are college students in particular, the overall quality of party members is relatively high in social practice, \"Challenge Cup\", a series of activities such as student organizations emerged a large number of job ability, and thought the quality of party members to mark the outstanding University Students . To join the party for University Students is an honor, but more as a duty. Each party member should cultivate University Students \"Gou Lee to country life and death, are not due to bad fortune to avoid becoming the\" sense of social responsibility in order to select the heart of people responsible for their own, self-criticism to take up arms, put disadvantage as errors made during the day-to-day study life really set the banner of party members, and constantly maintain the advanced nature. This is a college student party members should do.
The party\'s advanced nature are the party\'s life depends on our strength lies, is related to the party\'s ruling status and governing the consolidation of missions to complete. The party\'s advanced nature is always concrete, not abstract; are history, not once and for all. How to adhere to the \"three represents\" important thought to arm themselves, how to achieve a comprehensive grand goal of building a well-off society to make its due contribution to ... ... These are a Party member must consider the question. As a college student members, with more study scientific and cultural knowledge, mastered the ability to serve the people more, they should be taken more seriously and to maintain the advanced nature of Party members consider this issue.
Winter from the various provinces and municipalities will also be college students go home to spend our country\'s traditional festivals - Chinese New Year. For college students, especially college students are members of the Party, in the absence of teachers to teach and supervise the case of whether, as always, with a strict standard requirements are a test of their own. Living a semester is drawing to a close, leave more of the college students are members of the society to accept the supervision and training, how to stage the society of their roles for the good of party members for University Students is a brand new topic, the new test also will be coming.
Up at the road ahead, only constantly surpass themselves in order to continuously overcome difficulties, whether at school or in society, the university Student members should consciously Zengguang luster for the flag, people make the same age in the model. \"Man Road, as the iron, now moving more from scratch\", to join the party are beginning a new university life, elegant demeanor of the University Students waiting to show you, your party members will continue to carry forward the glorious required, students members, to prepare it, because society will stage Your more exciting!