We will have about seven days off before the final examination, I am
confused about this, I wonder if every college have this regulations.Frankly speaking, In my mind, the majority will spend their time on other things instead of studying, though our teachers' purpose is that we review what we have learnt .Maybe most of us think college life become more and more boring, and people are quit unconcerned with campus' activities ,we would rather stay in the dorm, and we have lost the passion in making progress to realise our ambitious goal step by step.[/In reality, if you can manage it well, it won't be what we think. I am also an average sort of student, like other girls: I like playing, eating, sleeping and so on. and I also have some shortcomings. I would spend the whole day and night on surfing the Internet, and sometimes I am crazy about handsome boys and like wandering on campus with my roommates. But I never complain my life, I always enjoy it. I do appreciate for the life. There is no deny the fact that our country is still poor, and so many peopoe who cannot go to the university, and there are people who still need our help, then think of our parents, it is not easy for them to arrange our schooling, and we have been using their money to support our education, so there is no reason not to work hard .I believe that everyone donot wan't to spend you whole three years of college in a monotonous and flavourless way.So donot blow it ,Let's strike a balance between study and extracurricular activities. Come onAll my schoolmates. May you success after you graduate from here .