Life is still alive, the heart of beauty in everyone. Men like handsome, and women like beauty, it is human. However, in the era of famine food and clothing are not met, or the frequent wars, widespread banditry turbulent years, people\'s lives can not be guaranteed their own environment, the idea has already been forced handsome without a trace. Everyone\'s destiny and the Rise and Fall of the motherland is closely related to each individual to pursue a better standard of living with their inseparable.

Now, people\'s lives getting better and better, social peace and clothing, live in peace, every person has their own pursuit of the good, the elderly seeking the United States missed the years, but also would like to take the real happiness of life, be remedied. Has just begun to learn about child, seeking young parents under the influence of the United States, but also to understand the beauty earlier. In fact, most people in the eyes of the beautiful and handsome, but also just stay in the appearance of whitewash on the material, that is, the capacity will be less the United States, processed into which they must look to others to make eyes, winning praise from others against their will. Or to the grade of a mention mention clothing, to fashion their own modification of certain deficiencies.
Beautiful, not just good-looking appearance. That women are concerned, those natural conditions and natural beauty of people, if there are higher moral qualities, they are not too particular about makeup and fashion, the more non-smear and cover natural beauty, they seem more the United States, it is simple of the original beauty of nature, or called the really beautiful, this natural beauty and intrinsic appearance combined with moral America, it can be called beautiful. The handsome men, it should be.
There should also be beautiful condition, that is, knowledge and competence, expertise, or will be a few skills. Whether it was a beautiful and handsome Germany and was totally relies on a stylish appearance and outstanding, everybody in town demonstrations, street show off, it would only win to the same crowd\'s admiration. Therefore, to the beautiful, must also have its own on a certain charm.
Charm, that is, it can be an attractive force. 1-yung believers idiots mediocrity, no knowledge without surgery, although he has strength, it is not a compelling force. Ugly, non-living people, and things, there is no appeal, false, artificial people, and things, there is no appeal. In one person, shining light dedication, giving people the sincere love, showing the good in people, in a field of innovative results, and every time a person to forget thanks to the charm of music ... ... is to enable the hearts of people like you fight, you go and your warm contacts, friendship, acquaintance, love.
Charismatic beauty is true beauty. Charm is their strength, decoration is a virtual America.
Those who want their own design into a beautiful women and his own designed the handsome men on the make efforts to foster its own little charm.