Reading Tao Yuan-ming\'s \"Homeward Bound speech\", they thought of the troubled times of the wise and the hermit, in the advances and retreats in the struggle of contradictions, wandering situation. Mingwei shallow in the human environment, the number of people rounded the edges and corners, loss of individuality and self. But there are many people struggling with life, not to change maverick mettle and frankness. Tao is the case with their own backbone to stick to the spiritual world.
Tao lives in the social unrest of the Eastern Jin Liu Song Yi on behalf of the occasion, has done Jiangzhou Jijiu, Huanxuan aides, the town Junqiang Jun Liu Yu\'s join the army, Jian-Wei Liu Jingxuan\'s join the army generals, Peng magistrate, was born Crown of Thirteen years. Affected by the impact of Confucianism, the Tao is a cherished tradition of helping young ideal, \"Memories I have little ambition, no music from the Yan-yu. Meng Shiitsu the whole world, Qian Zhu Siyuan quill.\" In this poem, we can feel Tao The tradition of helping to serve the country\'s pride.
However, after entering political stratum of 13 years, Tao\'s ideas have changed. , He is with the common people\'s desire to save the world official, but he has his assistant, one of the regime is a farce staged the rulers of a struggle for power. Internal bureaucratic strife and struggle for \"little vulgar without proper rhyme,\" he unbearable. So he wrote \"Homeward Bound speech\", declaring a clean break with the bureaucratic life, and has since started the Hermitage life.
Tao Yuan-ming was critical of the Hermitage is the escapist negative behavior. However, I do not think so. Tao Yuan-ming did not get away from the real life and become a hermit nihilism. Instead, he is more truly loved their own lives. This is also for thousands of years people are one of the reasons for his obsession. He Shinong crops into weeds, like remove the extra lines like removed from the earth. Then he write poetry. Because in his own words above, under the foot of the nutrients, so those lines that are always very lush growth. His poetry does not belong to the season, but only part time. Thus, his poetry has become in our culture fengren harvest.
In fact, the Tao is only exit from the career, there is no exit from life. Or that he was withdrawing from a career, and turned back to the more personal daily lives. This is the true Tao Tao Yuan-ming. Only by placing ourselves in a real way in our lives we have probably become the most true to himself. Prior to this, we may be only some kind of distortion, or nothing. At any time, regardless of any age, people alive, I should live free. The Tao with his choice and insisted for us to create a real value of life of their own image.
Secular point of view, Tao Yuan-ming\'s life is \"haggard\" in. But ultra-secular point of view, his life was very artistic. Tao Yuan-ming in their own troubled stick, flutter in the sky a Duxing to complete the release of the pursuit of individuality, which insists on the honesty and transparency in the real life, leaves us with the endless emotion.
In fact, precisely because of the life of toil and short, so cherish their lives should adhere to a transparent life, the pursuit of true individuality, to maintain freedom of the soul. Otherwise, even if the \"survival of the fittest\", that\'s life, what is the significance of this?