Childhood, such as a scroll to our most pure hearts painted in the above; childhood, clear sky, like a party, let us freely flying in the sky; childhood, like a rainbow, which have our smiles on their faces and naive words. Childhood in my mind, but it is a dream, a colorful dream.
A child, and partners together, there will always be a kind of excited, happy mood. Together to play, will find unforgettable; laugh together will find interesting. Now and partners together, can only giggle and a daze. I search for a child to me, I long to think, remember the ... ...
Remember that it was holiday time, several of our friends can finally play together again. We start from the usual favorite games - hide and seek. 2 to play catch, and the rest when the possession, if the children find the hidden, even if successful. I have been a hidden children, so, I looked around, looking for a very secluded place to hide. Suddenly, my eye was that attracted a large cardboard boxes. So I Maozhao Yao, thieves went to the box next to the YO-YO, and then look around, for fear of the partners to seize caught. See No one, it will fall into drilling into it. Thought to himself: Ha ha! I hid in such a hidden seam are also grateful to not find me! Thought here, I thought the same as sweet as honey to eat, could not help laughing, the sound. Unexpectedly, was she heard, she came to me with the voice. I heard footsteps getting closer to her heart, just like there are thousands of little bugs crawling like butter, there is a swelling balloon blowing to explode the mine, very nervous.
Suddenly, footsteps sounded a clear edge in the box, I know that she came. I have finished, quasi-caught to be her. I hold their breath as a not dared to touch, for fear come up with noise. A long time, I found that has no static and dynamic around, and then through the gaps in the box and found her gone. \"Ah!\" I Chang Yu breath, the heart gradually calmed down. But I thought, this place safe, and so I wanted to escape from the box and hid in another place. I got up one move, the results of excessive force, cardboard boxes toppled by me, \"bang\", came up with a lot of noise. This time miserable, and I like the white board on a sunspot so obvious. Hear the sound, she immediately dashed over and found me. \"Caught, hey! I found, you soon come out!\" She shouted this, hiding the rest of the children are also out. They saw my embarrassment sample, with a laugh. I was frustrated at the side to the extreme.
This is my childhood, the most memorable thing is the most beautiful part of my childhood as a \"dream.\"
Childhood, my childhood dream, your vision with my daydream, your sorrow my joy less formed and that the colorful childhood dream!