People on such a lifetime
I used to, \"so people on a lifetime\" is remind ourselves and persuade friends. This, easy to say, sounds easy, think it is very deep. It makes me weak at the time to become brave, proud to become humble, decadence have become active, the pain becomes joy when, on any matter can also get fit, so I call it \"a wake-up call\", \"Proverbs on the seventh.\" - I often think the world of the laboring, TU grudges and resentment, if not resolve, and should not endure, and do not have this short period of several decades vanish on it? If so, what ones can not be untied?
People on such a life, thought of this remark, if I were the hero, they will have to create more great exploits; if I were the scholars, they will have to access to higher learning; what if I love people, they will have to boldly tell her. Today because the past will no longer come; this in our lifetime the past, nothing disappeared. Not read a book, did not speak a word is no chance. This precious life, I have a good grasp it ah!
People on such a life, you can actively grasp it; the ground it can also take it lightly. Take things too hard about it, so relieved now! Think about it when the spirit of decadence to your Thanksgiving! However because you are always blessed with this life, this should not have been in vain ah.
flowery, flowery sincere hope that flowery, flowery life also.
Everyone has their favorite flower, each person has many reasons to treat themselves to a lifetime time cemented long time that the heart of a long-lasting incense. In full bloom at the moment, dazzling it will attract all the attention.
Flower is so weak, then the United States re-Yan still can not move to Hanyu night to the wind. Chunhong Xie hastily, and left full of melancholy.
But beauty of the flower are fighters, in spite of wind and rain gradually, after all, did not bow.
The same is true of life, like fine glass, usually can not withstand the impact of natural and man-made, one to smash into the bright, each is a transparent heart. Life again as Epiphyllum usually with many years of tears and sweat, the blood-doped water, the world will havemoment.
Today\'s world, people love the flower less. When people go for the livelihood of the time, and even their lives are not catch and who would listen about the flower?
However, the irritability of the city ah, please do not forget that this world is unfulfilled. All flowery, such as flower of all. Therefore, the Buddha Kassapaand smile; the laugh, that is, the entire world.
Life, the universe may be the only factors that should be worshiped. The lives of gestation, birth and display the essence is a very exciting process. Life-like music and pictures secretly relying on the same fate with a tone or color, when it encounteredtide, when it heard the clarion reminder, it will immediately, exposing the nature of the gorgeous and passionate. Of course, this is more likely to be the essence of a dirty, cowardly, tedious; its masters do not have the possibility of selection.
It should be recognized that life is hope. It should be said that should not be proud of despicable and vulgar premature, should not mistakenly think they have succeeded in eliminating pure noble and true. Camouflage is also not sustainable, because as a long time scouring the rolling, despicable, the profiteers and the vulgar can not always stick wearing educators, poets and soldiers crown. Unimpeded in their career, at the end of their descendants will be a long time to feel shame. 人就这么一辈子