Music with the smell of coffee together in this room opened to diffuse slowly overflowing of this space every corner.magnificent evening sunset in every ray of infiltration such as cotton-like softLane, and according to my In that big rattan chair, the entire body as if stuck in a chair in the. is at such an afternoon, such a lazy greedy of me to enjoy the same to some very lazy afternoon. Thus, the thoughts will start in this Taste is full of happy afternoon start walking.轻舞and tune in every thread between Winston cruising.
This is a vacation near the end of 51 days, which is at high school through the first 51. Long vacation at a meeting with a finger toes counting the passage of days, one can not help Mr. Zhu Lao people at the rush time in sigh passes.
We also have take a long vacation, it is also our workers alsolabor officials who are also mental, then we would mainly mental work, supplemented by the labor of labor of the toiling masses
The day before yesterday Rumoi see, she run length, when the four-phase, as the head, the silent. The question, why Meng said: \"you lost.\" To read: \"to each other, each other.\"
Remember that first day, two, I still very woodenly, for test scores, rankings do not care, whenever Rumoi at me before the final exams after the budget at the top of her or ask me a sense of when the post-test, I always like a wood-like. think at that time, I like sleeping like a baby, I do not know how much burdened with their own hopes and aspirations. until three days before waking up from a dream, like the general, did not realize the seriousness of the situation.
Are perhaps three days of the year, in the torment of me, lessons, therefore, it fishes in that vague pain in the grown up, such as breaking pupal cocoon-like .
While in high school, occasionally naughty, but also somewhat diminished, and no longer indulge himself a mischief. Year where I think a lot, but also understand that a number of things, including of course that was carrying the hope and look forward to. May be brought up not only mean age on the growth of the meaning of this simple, but more focused on growth and ideologically overflew it!
I do not know by year\'s time to learn to grow up, that price is not too much, but I at least can be sure it is correct.
Think high school this year from the second floor to the third floor, although it did not come this way, what initiative, but also it . At least that was their intention to come out step by step, down-to-earth, and there is no infiltration of moisture, did not add any hypocritical things. maybe there is no growth that year, since I may be still \"sleeping\" to .
That year I learned how to grow up, as workers learned to use tools. And now to continue to grow up, I find this piece of land in the Senior section of the road leading to the ivory tower, then down into it, down . may be in the way I want to give up the beautiful scenery along the way, may be leaving some of the burden of want to discard something, but all of her life in front of us happy, what do people, this life can be for their own store and how many happy moments it
The music stopped, diffuse think has stopped. The horizon has been shrouded in darkness, and all thought the end song is also off. At this vacation after all will be restored, and we will still be hard to work with.
我们也有放长假,那我们也算是劳动者吗 耕者劳力也,官者脑力者也,那吾等岂非脑力劳作为主,劳力劳动为辅的劳苦大众
前日见旧友萌时,她飞奔而止,待到四目相视时,无语.问之,何故 萌曰:\"你瘦了\".对曰:\"彼此,彼此.\"
那年我学会了长大,就如劳动者学会了用工具.而现在继续长大的我,则在高中这块土地上找出条通向象牙塔的路,然后脚踏实地冲向它,走下去.也许在这一路上我要放弃沿途的美景,也许要丢下一些包袱,舍弃一些东西,但这一切在一生的幸福面前又算什么呢 人,这一生能为自己储存幸福的时光又有多少呢