First of all, enjoy the benefits of students. Everyone has their own strengths, when the students are very right, very good time, teachers should be sure that they go, and appreciates them; when students have the wrong time, but also appreciate the vision should be used to discover the advantages of their use incentives speech to stimulate their fighting spirit.
Xiaobin are one of my students, active and lively, it is people like to discuss. Class is always going God, a lesson up to the maintenance of attention at a quarter of an hour or so, enjoy looking at a certain place, the eyes do not move the呆呆ecstasy, good air and it looked funny. In an English class, I found a God Xiaobin also go to the window looking at a face with a smile. So my question him, he give an irrelevant answer, drawing laughter from students in his class.
\"The fun of Xiaobin, and the desertion!\" All of a sudden my anger from the heart, the lessons learned in this want to make him, when a voice sounded in the ears: \"cooling-off are a source of intelligence, are impatient and incompetent performance of Education required patience and perseverance. \"lesson continues on, and inadvertently, I walked as if nothing had happened to him before, with your fingers gently knocked him of the table, whispered to remind him:\" ah, not to class distracted, or can not keep up the. \"
Xiaobin know after looking for my situation, my gentle and patient tone: \"Xiaobin, how students should make it?\" \"Serious listening, brainstorming, active discussion, answer their questions.\" \"You say you watch many well! But it is how you do? you have not thought of it at school are you? you what to look out the window? \"\" Teacher, I see a lot of trees have flowers, very pretty color! \"I said : \"flowers are very beautiful, people should live in harmony with nature. But you, our school\'s mission is to study, should not be distracted, you say you are?\" the sensible Xiaobin nodded. I went on to say: \"Well, you do not like to spend? You can go back and draw them down to the teacher after the draw well, and let the teacher to share your happiness, you do good?\" Xiaobin not listening to his head. Xiaobin him early in the morning the next day will be sent to the draw on my desk, did well draw realistic, colorful, very sweet. I praise the Xiaobin, his face, laughing immediately flowered.
Secondly, the appreciation of the progress of students. Do people regardless of any one thing, as long as efforts are rewarding. For the purposes of study the students, but also should be \"a hard, a harvest,\" the.
Then one of the classes found in this class do not speak Children, endorsed the initiative is not high, Books Read a stutter, then began to think of a way to allow them to speak with a number of ways, but how much progress has the effect of heart anxious, I really do not know how good.
Suddenly thought of one last year teaching the children\'s five-pointed star awards, you can try to use them. But think they are a four-year students, I do not know also eat this. Immediately formulate a set of class \"five-pointed star\" incentive program: a number of classes can be a positive statement of a five-pointed star, the end of a unit, the text of the award of a familiar five-pointed star, back from three five-pointed star of the award to the end of term 15 five-pointed star can be a book prize. The second day of class, the students sit the same as the past, but to speak of the past but more positive than that, I feel pleased but not show are the hearts: They finally speak! Classroom obviously a lot of active. Five-pointed star of the very good incentive!
School, and some students have run over and take the initiative to want to read my listening, ready to have some back to me, though a bit疙疙瘩瘩, but it is back out, I am very excited about fulfilling their promises, their three awards stars five-pointed star. The excitement that they, that all children less than one year. The next day, as long as the school every day, there is always some guy running from the requirements of small reading endorsement to me, do not want to back not back to the classroom, in the corridor on \"reluctantly.\" This is a good method of education. Yes ah, the children need our praise, necessary incentives, we need to look with eyes to enjoy them!
Third, the appreciation of students who have been neglected. Is a kind enjoy, appreciate and be appreciated is an interactive source of strength. For those who enjoy a look of approval, a certain discourse, one of the soothing warmth can appreciate those who can be in mind for life, or even change their life.
He is so humble a student, beginning from the fourth grade, I do not particularly care about him, study him in general, look very inconspicuous, medium tall, quiet, are the kind of reading students will be forgotten. I remember that winter is very cold, air dry, my lips are always dry, so the bag with lip balm has been prepared, whenever that time do you take out James, I feel much better. Children in her class to see a lot of lips are dry, because there is a lot of students are overseas, parents are busy working to do business, take care of the child is not very detailed. The afternoon of Saturday, he came to my office, I did see his lips are bleeding, and I am a bit于心不忍, it said to him: \"go, go to the tap to wash up and I point for you James lip balm. \"\'ll wash him, and him coming after me for a little lip gloss, coated, still embarrassed him. I asked him: \"Is it better?\" He nodded, \"Thank you, Teacher.\" Me on this matter was forgotten. He graduated from the twinkling of an eye, summer vacation, when I give him a call, asked me to go out to play, saying that there is some good students, because my problem did not go. Later, I would like to ask him the mail, made a lot of my mail, there is a one of it this way: \"Teacher, thank you for the winter so take care of me, I think I am very happy.\" Every holiday he would hit me or phone me e-mail. I really can not think, once I was then ignored him, because he\'s humble, because there is more excellent than his students, but I act a little, so grateful to him then, I really did not expect. Yes, to a sincere heart toward others, others will treat you in good faith. Children treated with a caring, will be the harvest of the spring.

Education teachers to the mystery lies in the emotional excitement, the language of praise, angry and resourceful, great expectation to praise and inspire, awaken, and inspire students. Firmly believe that students must be successful, students will love from the teachers to gain a confidence and strength, can not help but put into the course of study in order to burst forth sparks of wisdom. So we should not begrudge the evaluation incentive language, \"You are really great! You can do better! In fact, what you can do a good job!\" ... ... The only way to achieve the purpose of the new curriculum, to promote the publicity of the students personality, to promote all-round development of students so that our education was boundless vitality!




课后我找晓斌了解情况,我的语气和缓而耐心:“晓斌,学生上课应该怎样做呀?”“认真听讲,动脑思考,积极讨论,踊跃回答问题。”“你看你说的多好啊!可是你又是怎么做的呢?你有没有想到这是在上课呀?你向窗外望什么?”“老师,我看到树上有很多鲜花,颜色很漂亮!”我说:“花儿是很漂亮的,人与自然应该和谐相处。可是呀,我们上课的任务是学习,不能分心,你说是吗?” 晓斌懂事的点点头。我接着说:“这样吧,你不是喜欢花吗?你回去可以把它们画下来,画好后交给老师,也让老师分享你的快乐,你看好吗?” 晓斌听了不住地点头。第二天一大早晓斌就将他的画送到我的办公桌上,画画得挺逼真的,五颜六色,很是可爱。我表扬了晓斌,他的脸上,立刻笑开了花。




突然想到去年教一年级时奖励孩子们的五角星,可以用在他们身上试试。但是想想他们是四年级的学生了,不知道还吃不吃这一套。 马上就在班上制定了一套“五角星”奖励方案:上课积极发言几次可以得到


下课了,就有几个学生跑过来,主动要读给我听,有几个摩拳擦掌要背给我听,虽然有点疙疙瘩瘩,但总算是背出来了,我很兴奋,兑现诺言,奖了他们三颗五角星。他们那个兴奋劲,一点都不亚于一年级的孩子。接下来的日子,每天只要下课,总有几个小家伙跑过来要求读书背书给我听,背不出的也不愿回教室,在走廊上“依依不舍”。 这真是一个不错的教育方法。是啊,我们的孩子需要表扬,需要奖励,需要我们用欣赏的眼光看他们!


他是那么不起眼的一个学生,从四年级开始我就没有特别在意他,他学习一般,长得也很不起眼,中等个子,斯斯文文,是那种看过就会忘记的学生。记得那个冬天,非常冷,空气干燥,我的嘴唇经常很干,所以包里一直备着润唇膏,每当觉得干的时候就拿出来涂一下,感觉好多了。看到班上好多孩子的嘴唇都很干,因为有好多学生是外地的,父母忙着打工做生意,对孩子的照顾不是很细致。那个周六的下午,他来到我办公室,我看到他的嘴唇干得都出血了,我有点于心不忍,就对他说:“去,先去水龙头上洗一下,我替你涂点润唇膏。”他就去洗了,进来后我替他涂了点润唇膏,他还有点难为情。我问他:“是不是好多了?” 他点点头,“谢谢老师。” 这个事情后来我就忘了。转眼他毕业了,暑假的时候他给我打电话,请我出去玩,说有好几个同学,我因为有事没去。后来他问我要了邮箱,发了我好多邮件,其中有一封这样说:“老师,谢谢你那个冬天那么关照我,我觉得我很幸福。”每到节日他就会打我电话或发我邮件。我真是想不到,曾经我是那么忽视他,因为他的不起眼,因为有比他出色多的学生,但我一个小小的举动,让他那么感激,我真是想不到。是的,以一颗真诚的心对待别人,别人也会真诚的对待你。用一颗爱心对待孩子,收获的将是整个春天。