Long live to understand!
This is probably the most I would like to say a word. Understanding, perhaps parents and children are now among the most difficult thing.
Generation gap, it may be really mean, is a long ditch, cross between parents and children, it is difficult to straddle.
But it really crossed the deep ditch Road when faced with the bright rainbow after the rain.
\"Also you doing?\"
When I secretly play joy on QQ, a voice of suppressed anger in the room a sudden explosion, almost scared me bounce up chair. Looked up, only to see the face of angry mother.
A guilty conscience to my head, still muttering to mind: What has surprised on the QQ? Robbery is not murder, so much hair useful fire吗? Excuse me whispered: \"tired of the study, while playing them.\"
Mother\'s anger , almost did not put me into ashes: \"PLAYING? Also thought to play you? Book you read all day long do not know to play the net? You test yourself to see that people see the score吗? Go out I feel Say lose face ... ... \"
Mother angry face, I knew that he was wrong, they pretended to listen to a pair of serious , sitting obediently did not dare move.
Her lecture was finally come to an end, I breathed a sigh of relief. Not by coincidence, a hair chatters information from QQ, the voice of the room in silence broke, I look to the QQ one menu, days! Why QQ flashing on the main menu is a portrait of the boys? I was not good Shouted. Indeed, Mother had an instant conversion cloudy face extremely bad, I am afraid this is not just negative, but a big storm!
Mother angry at the poles apart from anything else, turn off QQ procedures, directly to the process QQ delete from the computer.
I do not know where the courage to actually stand up red Shouted mother: \"Why you stop playing my computer? How to cram my life thought of you on? Why deprive me of happiness? I do not believe that I can not control my life!!! \"
Having said, it no longer speak, and let the silence spread.
Mother said nothing, stare blankly, then go out.
3 days ... ...
The next 3 days, and my mother in Cold War status, to meet not speak.
The first four days, my mother came to take the initiative to talk. She said I was also studying for the sake of my future, she\'s hard to understand me. Permit after school hours playing with my computer a while.
Understand? How valuable a word? Perhaps the lack of common understanding that we are only there are so many contradictions.
May be understood only is full of life until the peace, calm.
I also understand that the good mother, she is good for me.
Sincerely mother looked at my face, cheers:
\"Understanding Long live!\"