Radio is a hard chair, not tolerate sloppy work. Many people put it as a beautiful face unlimited live, but one of taste, only know. As a news announcer, I am acutely aware of their obligations and responsibilities.
I remember the year before last summer, when television news broadcast, just after evening program is ready to return to have dinner at home, this time it was just the end of broadcast news, my cell phone ringing non-stop, one look in the phone Units are made up Edit phone on duty there told me, the audience feedback phone that you choose to broadcast a news broadcast has a figure is wrong, my head was like the explosion, like a blank, I know that such a broadcast would be wrong not only my criticism, the Board will be involved in, when God to me, wearing slippers to go to the Units, the first time also on duty rushed to the chief and editing the news reporter, carefully listen to check and correction recording the final confirmation of mistake I did not broadcast, the reporter did not wrong, are the audience got it wrong on such a false alarm ended. This matter a lot of my touch, I should have realized that to make our time line put \"serious\" in the first place, whether it is at this later presided over every issue of my programs, or for each broadcast Part of articles, even though there is this or that kind of regret at my intentions are to do, the hearts that dare not profane the sacred.
A person to be successful, there are three essential elements, that is, \"talent, hard work and opportunity,\" make an excellent announcer, congenital conditions and voice have the ability to understand can not be ignored, which had some notable successes are the guarantee . Presided over the radio to do this particular job \"diligent\" is also a factor that must be. I can say is a hard-working people, but I always have a sense of crisis, others are not afraid of competition, but fear of their own can not keep up the pace of social development. At my heart repeatedly said to myself: Fast! Fast! Do not catch up with someone on the back of brisk walking to a community you will be eliminated, and it is this sense of crisis and spur the moment my feet on the ground every day doing my job. At all times adhere to the \"practical work, others in good faith\" and \"there must be three of us are walking my division\" principle, keep the books, to the peer, my listeners to learn life and career Friends nutrients, so that the jobs themselves more competent.
I presided over the job of broadcasting has not been smooth sailing, and life on the road is full of bitter and sweet hi excellent, once a fall is inevitable and waiting, my mind is always a calm, smiling face of setbacks and failures, because I believe the total at the sun after the storm, skies are dark clouds above. Presided over the job I love broadcasting, in particular, has been broadcasting the sound of such a magical charm of the language of admiration, therefore, never at work. I very much hope that through their own efforts to put more programs in order to return my best audience. Melting yesterday Do not need the memory can be forgotten; with good today, you can look for forward to a new extension of the success of the \"bright spot\", I would like to continue to enjoy \"the taste of the microphone.\"
Presided over the radio is no reason to regret my choice of life