I am honored to have this opportunity to take part in today\'s speech, and everyone gathered together today to jointly meet and to celebrate International Women\'s Day in 2009, I was very happy and very excited, here\'s my wish to make a so is this: I have no reason to regret, I am proud - I am a female teacher countryside, this is also the title of my speech today.
Also clearly recall that six months ago, I graduated from the University School arrived at the scene reported that: At that time, even though enthusiasm for the School Leaders our welcome home, in order to raise our non-stop, but still could not cover up my loss, my tears, because in my mind, the homeland of the educational facilities are poor, backward, conservative, and my dream is to have a better environment for their talent and ability to mine, lost and confused moment I wavered, had to retreat.
Can not forget the next day, when I stood on the podium, when I faced more than 50 pairs of young and eager eyes of knowledge, looking at those tender eyes, reminds me of me too more than a decade ago in such an environment where to acquire knowledge from such an environment to the halls of my university, my ideal way to the road, I see a return to homeland, are perhaps arrangements are, the more one implication of duty.
Can not forget, a nearly retired teachers on the importance of give me a lesson, she said: \"Ordinary teaching job indeed, but one which ordinary people not to do this job? Efforts as long as you can handle this head do a good job of the Ordinary, the same will be harvested, can be harvested in the Ordinary, it is not simple ah! \"think of her from home to school, from the classroom to the office, hard working, conscientious, one is taught for decades. Her students often mention always enraptured, familiar. This is an extraordinary, and this is how the Ordinary and extraordinary ah! I can not help but respect her, but also secretly proud of their guilt, I said to myself: let me also from the teaching of this Ordinary job to start it! So, I will not hesitate, I set at the foot of this road, to himself: must be at play on this piece of land out of all my talents.
Dawn and sunset the turn, I ushered in one after another extraordinary day, although I have done all the seemingly plain, but also is so insignificant, but I cherish very slowly, with students standing on the podium Happiness in my life has become a kind of quiet accomplishment, a kind of eternity of life.
Can not forget me after six months, are a peaceful homeland of the United States, children are lovely homeland is the town center Xingren the warmth of the family of primary schools, let me find a sense of belonging, so that a new awareness of my own to change its own, and improve its own, so I believe and adhere to its own choice.
To accompany me along the way the children are the heart of Crystal Clear and bright smile, after a meeting of the failures and setbacks, the children are warm and the love of my heart, the hearts of the children are encouraged to forward to me strong. Every morning, I enjoy watching my students come from every corner of the town schools, with a fine mountain, with a simple soil, with the brilliant Yamahana, the children listen to Lang Lang\'s reading voice, like one Malachium mist飘出classrooms, approaching the mountains, approaching from afar, turned into a beautiful dream.
To accompany me along the way, school leaders have the interest and help him have a love and respect their jobs, colleagues unknown, although in rural areas, they did not forget to go study, the charge to try out new teaching ideas, to explore to reform education to create a dedicate their town, and have written a touching piece.
Village teachers, you may be not the most beautiful, but you are the most lovely, you may be not the most intelligent, but the most diligent you are, and you may be not the most wealthy, but you are the most substantial.
Village as a teacher, I am proud, very extraordinary, incomparable treasure, very happy.
If my education in the countryside go by on the road six months of this are \"root\", gave birth to an ideal, cause, emotional roots, then later, my life goal is to \"grow\" a tree to grow giant trees of the Village Education , Village really became a female educators, young for me, everything has just begun.
Finished my speech, thank you everyone!