Students, we come from? To hear this question, I am sure you will say that parents are taken to put us up in the world. Yes ah, one day more than a decade ago, our parents happy with tears and smiles to greet the arrival of the U.S.. But when we came to the world the moment that many parents have a hard job - we take care of. This is even though a heavy burden, but has no complaints to parents raising me up.
In order to give us a comfortable living environment, they are always so hard, then the effort. Small, I always treat this issue as a matter of course, because I do not know, nor do I know the hard work of parents. Now, I grew up, and I know with a heart of Thanksgiving to appreciate their parents, should take on, take care of, the responsibility of your parents
There is an old said: \"The milk of the sheep have to kneel TU, A feed has meaning.\" Bit by bit, our growth can not be separated from their parents to help when the water springs of the TU reported that, therefore, we should know how to feel gratitude for it, know how to thank their parents .
Call us first time parents, first step towards independence, the first to write a word askew when ... ... are parents around to teach us patience. Parents, are giving us God does not require any modification of the sustenance of the soul.
When we are confronted with difficulties, to devote all of us to help people, their parents are.
When we are wronged, to be patient to listen to our cry of the people, their parents are.
When we make mistakes, he will not hesitate to forgive us who are parents.
When we succeed, would like for us to celebrate, to share with us the pleasure, are the parents.
And now far away in our field study, it is still concerned about our parents.
... ...
Now I left the distant parents, came here, the mother will ask me homesick, I very firmly said: \"No, certainly not!\"
But to the school, in the face of unfamiliar faces unfamiliar environment, I want to cry well. Are upset when the home to the phone, the mother the right to ask me please. My tears quickly down, and tried to not let her find.
Not familiar with the latter slowly, although it was no longer such as homesickness, but there are always unhappy when the advent of a lot of times at night, when feeling lonely, they will naturally think of distant family members, think of it in the remote mountain village in their own lives more than a dozen of the Spring and Autumn, and a phone call out greetings and listen to the voices of parents and that kind.
If the mother is always a few, but each time I was swept away the boredom, disappeared: \"Children in school right? Anything better at home, not to miss too much.\"
Always miss my mother, my diet iving, asked me in the distant land still used to the life, always asked of me to take care of the body, the mother-friendly sound, so I do not miss how the family it?
Phone, some hoarse voice of his father, the father honestly going to say too much so, the phone, he always ask me \"are not eating, there is no cost of living, the better to eat it.\" But I was well aware that his father with his hard-working to raise his children, with his simple character education of his children, his father is proud of the Child.不善言辞rallied behind him, he put into the love to other people talk about when their children face in a brilliant smile.
In our rural areas, raising me and my brother is not easy, let alone reading we want to send. Faced with huge fees, parents insist teeth, and put the burden of any of their livelihood on the shoulder bending, no complaints.
Now, we are studying or working outside, guarding the empty house, then the phone will become the parents of the happy things. Us a call back and tell other parents some乐滋滋situation. I think that they are perhaps the most happy moment.
While at home is far, far more than thousands of miles away from their parents, but parents also give care at the time around my side, my parents give me endless effort to encourage one another through the lonely times, they are the spirit of my pillar.
Life is not perfect as imagined, our parents are not hard to understand, although we should not live with their parents to share the hardships of a difficult start, but we can be less in their daily lives for their parents to worry about. When parents fall ill, we should take responsibility, take care of their parents? Want to know, even if an interest in words, even a bowl of instant noodles themselves to do a good job, parents who will comfort the hearts of our anxiety in every possible way. Parent Thanksgiving, is not difficult to do.
Will remember to thank our long-distance may be on the road give us a bowl of water to drink the ladies, perhaps will remember our appreciation to the seat of the big brother, will recall that appreciation may be hard to train our own teachers ... ... yes, they of course want to thank us, and can be At the same time, we should not forget that parents are always the most worthy of our appreciation of the people!