first daughter-in-law Lee aunt gave birth a few days before the big , Lee aunt like a what a fun, because this child was to, and there is habitual abortion, during pregnancy has been carefully possidetis a child before birth that day, Fortunately, mother and child safety.
  go home to do discharged month son Lee old married couple busy aunt does not point to the foot, but their hearts are the . Leave me at home yesterday, Lee aunt up, and sent the hi bright red eggs, have a few small wool Aunt Lee said that in any case not pregnant, and gave playing unborn baby sweater, but also to play a few pieces of small , cooler spring weather, easy to cold, to put on , small things eat during pregnancy, thanks to you sent pickled beans and millet, the situation, small must need to remember that Wang said.
  Lee listening auntie these words, my heart was very warm, it is no wonder that people donated roses, there is hand, this is true. Small during pregnancy, what pregnancy does not want a serious response, I have heard she is from the north and send a point north of millet and some of the pickled appetizer sour beans to her. Unexpectedly, on this point trivial remember such a long time, quite a pregnant Rui tirelessly to fight for so many small .
  This is from the neighborhood of the touching. In addition to this, I found that, as long as the intention to experience the subtleties of life, touching true everywhere.
  Rui kindergarten two months on, I meet her every day after work in advance. Please people thought, but after all, is not convenient and is not assured.
  kindergarten on, I really hesitate to come back to this a lot, then give it a try with the mood with the boss said it did not expect the supervisors did not even agree on how to consider, and be able to understand that this is being Parent of people, if there is work on the telephone contact the special circumstances.
  it touched me, touched on the boss that the people under their parents to consider the heart.
  One day, things work really should not immediately go away, when I rushed to the kindergarten, all children have been picked up, and only one person Rui, I am very sorry to embrace Rui at arms, told her, I am sorry, to late mother, so that the aggrieved Rui. But I was surprised to find Rui did not cry, in turn, touched my hair to comfort me that the mother is busy at work is a brave child,.
  that moment, I am , touching on the four-year-old daughter\'s life has been a qualitative leap, not ill-treated in Living touched me, gave me such a cute boy-man.
  In this hustle and bustle of life, indeed, sometimes we will feel tired, as if life is a journey, to suffer hunger and thirst of the soul or feelings. But, please, carefully Ordinary life savor, you will find, touching everywhere, such as it is warm cotton, 1 Silk, 1寸寸warm our body; it Gambari such as Qingquan, a little bit, one bit, Run forward to our hearts.