Students start from the time, I already know, \"party member\" is a glorious and noble title, is the vanguard fighters of the logo, is the embodiment of noble character. 84 years ago, her loyalty, and wisdom have made the blood of the new democratic revolution victory, eliminated the system of exploitation, the exploiting class, to create the People\'s Republic of China established the socialist system has opened up a construction of the socialist road with Chinese characteristics. The leadership of the party at the next generation after generation of revolutionary martyrs, with their interpretation of faith and life of the party members of this honorable title. Li Da-zhao, Liu Hulan, Dong Cunrui, Huang Jiguang this one familiar name throughout the vast land of China, bearing in mind that in each of the hearts of Chinese people. I also could not help but feel that to become a party member is a glorious, however, is not great and extraordinary things ah! Can not help the party have had a tremendous yearning and reverence.
Zheng, Niu, Ren Changxia, although they are not in the war years, but they feel for the people, everything to the public for the first style of work, once again deeply touched by all the people of China, but also deeply touched me, Wu method, Zhang Jianhua excellent city that all party members also write their actual action scene and the scene of the story moving. Zhang Jianhua Wang Rural Center for the original school, his great deeds so that my heart was touched again and again.
When a school principal to hear an ordinary party members, has just launched in order to guarantee the safety of the teaching building construction, heavy rain and strong wind at the expense of their time to go the night guarding; When a school principal to hear an ordinary party members , School for the development of four travel tirelessly to help the schools get 52 computers, 20 million of contributions so as to promote continuous growth and development of school time; and when a school principal of an ordinary party members, in order to care about the health of students regardless of their physical, falling at the last minute, also rushed to hospitals to visit sick time students. My eyes red, so I have been deeply impressed him as a Communist Party member of the selfless devotion of the mind.
Lin\'an City Department of Finance, Budget Section, an ordinary party members. She graduated from high school, relying on self-completed undergraduate accounting major, was known as a financial book Lin\'an. Hard at work and adhering to principles, take the lead to ecstasy, known as the \"old cattle.\" Comrade concern in life, take care of my colleagues, known as the close of the \"Good Sister.\" I felt her as a Communist Party member with the style of noble character.
Secretary letters have always meticulous work in letters, hard working, fair, and fair use of public speak for the masses, and do practical things for the masses, made me feel an unusual member of the Communist Party.
Although I am not a party member, but I learned from them much much! I learned from them the spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly, and I learned from them the spirit of willing sacrifice, I learned from them the spirit of hard work. It is this spirit that we continue to forward the cause of socialism, so the cause of our party continue to progress, so that our nation stands in the world. Now I work at Lin\'an City Federation of Trade Unions, however, have my body and mind into the party\'s cause. If the party needs me to go work hard place to start, I think I will go in! Real, This is my heart! I will go too! Since my side willing to devote themselves have so many, the good hard work of party members, their positions on the Ordinary unsung job, post them on the Ordinary made extraordinary things, they show an extraordinary job on a Party members should have the spirit and quality. I know, and as an ordinary office workers, it should be how to work, how should we strive, it should be how to realize the value of your life.
I have already submitted to the party application to join the party! If someone asked me what are the reasons to join the party so that you have the determination and conviction, what kind of party members and party members are the eyes of you! I will tell him: because we have like around金小梅, Wu method, Zhang Jianhua as the outstanding member of the Communist Party is that they let me find a way forward with the goal, I determined to join the party\'s determination and faith. They are the eyes of our party members.
  郑培民、牛玉儒、任长霞,他们虽然不处在战争年代,但他们心系人民群众,万事以民为先的工作作风,又再一次深深地感动了全中国的人民,也深深地感动了我。  金小梅、吴春法、张建华我市这一个个优秀的共产党员也用他们的实际行动谱写着一幕又一幕感人的事迹。  张建华原横路乡中心学校的校长,他的先进事迹让我的心灵一次又一次的被触动。
  当听到一位学校校长一名普通的共产党员,为了保证刚上马的教学楼的安全建设,而不惜冒着狂风暴雨去守护一夜的时候;当听到一位学校校长一名普通的共产党员,为了学校的发展而不辞辛劳四处奔波,帮助学校争取到了52台电脑,20多万元捐款从而促进了学校不断成长发展的时候;当听到一位学校校长一名普通的共产党员,为了关心学生的健康而不顾自己的身体,在倒下的最后一刻,还赶去卫生院看望生病的学生的时候。  我的眼睛红了,他让我深深感受到了一名共产党员无私奉献的胸怀。
  金小梅临安市财政局预算科科长,一名普通的共产党员。高中毕业的她,靠着自学完成了会计本科专业,被称为临安财政一本书。在工作中兢兢业业,坚持原则, 身先士卒,被称为忘我的“老黄牛”。在生活中关心同志,照顾同事,被称为贴心的“好大姐”。她让我感受到了一名共产党员高尚的品格与风范。
  虽然我还不是一名党员,但是我从他们身上学到了很多很多!  我从他们身上学到了全心全意为人民服务的精神,我从他们身上学到了甘于奉献的精神,我从他们身上学到了艰苦创业的精神。正是这种精神才使我们社会主义事业不断的向前发展,使我们的党的事业不断向前进步,使我们中华民族屹立于世界民族之林。   现在我在临安市总工会工作,但是,我的身心已融入党的事业。如果党需要我到艰苦的地方去工作,去创业,我想我会去的!真的,这是我的心里话!我会去得!因为我的身边有着那么多乐于奉献,艰苦创业的好党员,他们在平凡的岗位上默默无闻的工作,他们在平凡的岗位上做出了不平凡的事,他们在平凡的岗位上展现了一名共产党员应有的精神与品质。使我懂得了,作为一名普通的机关工作人员,应该怎样去工作,应该怎样去奋斗,应该怎样去实现自己的人生价值。