\"Yung Shue pond, the sound of cicada cried summer. Playground swing there side of the butterfly stopped at the top, waiting for the school waiting for school children waiting for the game.\" This long time listening to the songs, beautiful melodies. I am just back to the golden childhood.
My childhood was at the foot of the Dabie Mountains in Hubei Province spent Macheng. \"Look for the water to look for mountain resorts, to get to Macheng dream.\" Macheng a long history and splendid culture. Macheng is the old revolutionary base areas, the history of the Republic occupies a glorious page. In this land of red started fighting two well-known - jute uprising army of Liu and Deng Yuejin Dabieshan Trinidad. \"人间四月天, Macheng see cuckoo.\" Yangchun in March, the azaleas phase was open, flourish, colorful. The rhododendrons bloom in the spring, the bloom in the hearts of sons and daughters Macheng. Why are so red azaleas? It was revolutionary with its blood red, which is blood presence. Endless azaleas have great vitality, it is not 1.2 million children Macheng a symbol of the indomitable revolutionary spirit of it?
I stood in the songs of childhood Yin, the backdrop of the poetry. I was born in a farmer family, her father is farming mother. Particularly good results when my father, written in calligraphy are particularly good. As a result of the Cultural Revolution and many other historical reasons failed. He put their hopes in me, when I have two three-year-old father taught me the ancient back taught me to write poetry. Due to the influence of my father, I love writing from an early age. Fillip moment two decades; two decades Qiushi Chunhua; two decades in mind. The hearts of lingering childhood memories. Whenever the children see on the road to play chase. Scenes of childhood memory surfaced in front of me like yesterday. By the summer trees, catching dragonflies with a number of children catching cicadas, barefoot to the river Ah. Play tired jumped into the river on a cold water bath to wash, how comfortable. By the autumn fruits, peanuts are ripe. Several of our children to the afternoon of cattle, the cattle went to the mountains beyond. We then began to \"picnic\", a pit dug in the ground, the peanut on the inside. Peanuts covered in the dry. With match point, and after half an hour tasty grilled peanuts on the. To the winter snow, snowflakes have a spondee to the next. Several of our children with a spade, shovel happily to the outside of the snowmen. To do with carrot nose, arm and then use the broom to the snowman do wear a tie on hat red scarf, a lovely moment on the cause of light snow.
What is childhood? Childhood is a winding country road. where I like laughter, the joy of my footprints. Childhood is low tile-roofed house, which is the cradle I was growing up, is my source of happiness. When reminded of his childhood, I can not help but think of the home of a warm and simple. As the saying goes, misery is a valuable asset in life. It is this piece of barren land, I created a symbol of the character is not afraid of difficulties. Forget the old Ash tree in the entrance to the village, after years of vicissitudes, the baptism of wind and rain, it is still tall and straight so bold. It was a time people seem to have witnessed the historical changes in this land.
Childhood dream of my innocence, my fond memories. This time immemorial the years to come will always be fixed in my mind that I can remember the long history as a meaningful landscape.