To get up at six o\'clock, the sky is already bright, not a star, the sky is azure blue, blue heart of the people. Wind blowing gently, feeling cool, which is very comfortable. Street people coming and going everywhere, everyone in their way of help their own affairs. Only the morning exercises is the most laid-back people. Some of the walk slowly, and some in the running, and some voice in the training, roar Shaanxi Opera, it\'s all practice very professional, yin and yang of the accent down, articulated so forcefully. SANQIN the land of Shaanxi Opera is a unique voice, it simple and honest, simple, natural, well that old people love. Young people now, like the small, I hope those Shaanxi Opera Shaanxi Opera lovers can develop, so as Shaanxi opera as opera became the quintessence of our Shaanxi people.

I have a good long time out in the morning, he came out, feels so good. Both sides of the road and some trees have yellow shoots geese in the spring breeze blowing in under the happy smile. Who for several decades old trees, landscape workers have been pruning their branches and leaves, now it is bare you can be president of the near future they better and more dynamic. Holly and all the more green pines and cypresses, the , peach red, such as the smiling faces of children. Looking to the distant, it is one of the Xinglin a display, I seem to have smelled its fragrance. Ear to listen, you can hear the calls of birds mildly, can not see their shadow, and perhaps where they are hiding in the bushes, perhaps hidden in the trunk, under, no matter where, whenever they hear the calls of birds, we All of a sudden feeling good again. Feel life is so beautiful.

Came to the bridge, the bright clear water, one can look in the end, like an ancient river of beauty, grace graceful, snakes to flow to the distance, a first do not know if it come from and go there. At this point, the days have been great light, near the grass, the distant trees, can see the clear sky or blue, standing on the bridge, I feel very big world that he is too small, and it seems small is a desert of sand, a drop of water of the sea. Every flower has its reasons for opening up, everyone has the meaning of life. Those who do not like happy, depressing days that he missed a lot of things the United States, is how not worth it. Life was not plain sailing, and those elusive things that will not be urged not to force, and to pursue their goals, a position for himself, so that life is more valuable, so that their living is a more meaningful purpose of our lives. I was the awakening of the people alive, it is important to continue to enrich their own case rather than go with other people, others to follow step-by-step.

Eastern has been a bit bright, the sun is about to come out, the beginning of a new day, and I sped up the pace, despite the sun went. Ears from the sounds of the birds, the air filled with the smell of flowers, I was intoxicated, and in the spring morning ... ...  六点钟起床,天已经亮了,没有一颗星星,天空湛蓝湛蓝的,蓝的让人心动。风儿轻轻地吹着,感觉凉凉的,很舒服的哪种。马路上到处都是来来往往的人,大家都在急冲冲的赶路,忙自己的事情。只有晨练的人们是最悠闲的。有的慢悠悠的走着,有的在跑步,有的在练嗓子,吼秦腔,那一板一眼的都练得很专业,腔调阴阳对挫,铿锵有力。秦腔是三秦大地上特有的声音,它浑厚,淳朴,自然,深得那些上了年纪的人喜爱。现在的年轻人,喜欢的很少,但愿那些秦腔爱好者能将秦腔发扬光大,让秦腔像京剧一样成为我们陕西人的国粹。