I often see on the green grass scattered with being rude trampling marks, I can not help but wonder whether people who do their not see \"the grass is also life,\" such emotional right advice? I have often heard the old unconscious on the road is not to be enthusiastic to help, but the indifference of the onlookers, I would like to question those who question their indifference.
Life, we often hear people complain that life is not exciting, dull daily life. These wonderful people who do not live more often than not those people is affected by money, fame and fortune was tempted to lose the direction of life, loss of life of people who focus. The former do not want to share their happiness; the latter is the greed of high-level material to enjoy. Both have too much greed, how wonderful life experience to this?
In China, Dante \'s Peak do not have to wait, do not wait until the natural and man-made, money has long been zoned in on people\'s minds Road cruel wound together. Charitable donations, to those in need has brought a ray of sunshine, bringing a burst of warmth, which to some extent make up for the money set aside by the injuries.
The original is very beautiful in this world is so ruthless, she has become ugly; very ugly in this world is a beautiful bloom of her true feelings.
I like the words of Shelley: the greatest secret of morality is love. It pointed out that love is a profound moral foundation and the core. In our society to live together, love is among the most beautiful language: because the love, we create a tolerance and understanding from the social atmosphere; because of love, we no longer have unnecessary disputes and friction; because of love, We are prepared to be a troubled stranger to lend a helping hand; because of love, we do not want to violate any of our lovely corner of the city.
Some people can \"love\", \"dedication\" is the sacred word as to contempt. Some people will even accused, embarrassment philanthropist who made donations philanthropist face in embarrassment: fear of \"Lu-rich\", for fear of unaccounted money, for fear of rumors saying that they are in the show off in advertising.
People can not live only for themselves. Powerful human reason, is able to become all things on this planet Ling long, because we know how to mutual aid. This mutual aid, not limited to access to material, but also the spirit of understanding and comfort, the same sense of concern and pay. Also because we know: There are more people share the pain, the suffering will be lighter; have more to share happiness, happiness will redouble.
Only dedication to improving our lives! Only dedicated to the realization of the value of our life! Only dedication to savor the best of life. Jinjiang people known as helping others, the tradition of the poor, the establishment of Jinjiang Charity Federation, the charity will be sporadic acts of individuals, up to an organized and collective action plans.
Welfare is not to be forgotten, the children entered a warm embrace, when the old people to go out the eyes of attachment; forget both walls at a loss of one eye does not help; not forget, the children received small gifts when the excited The little hand was trembling; disabled children were eager to forget the warmth, joy to play with us ... the shadow ...
Tired? Perhaps. However, very satisfied with their hearts. To help others, can really own the music. The face that faces thirsty for knowledge of the young face, looking at the full calendar full of vicissitudes catastrophe still looks full of hope, or even just a warm expression of confidence or trust say will arouse the sense of heat flow between the surge, and sometimes even their own will be deeply moved. Do not you? Precisely because of these pulsating heart that has given us a calm lake stirred the hearts of layers of ripples, let our hearts be purified and sublimated.
Drop of water can reflect the sun\'s rays, one can help make the world warmer. of people who no longer find the direction of life, those affected by the temptation of fame and fortune of the people the money will no longer enjoy the pursuit of blindly because contributions that help make life so wonderful! Let us work together to love and charity sunlight into every aspect, so sad love to clear the rubble, desperate to remove , so full of vitality charity, so that love ignite a torch of hope, attack of the drums sounded. Let us work together with love to create beautiful homes, let our love shine in Jinjiang, Jinjiang, because you let me be more harmonious because of brilliant!