Students, when you clear out the crying with, left its mother\'s body, landing a human life, which marks the human world to add a valuable asset, but also to a very happy family. From that moment on the number of people watching you, you will quickly grow up looking forward to. At this point you do not belong to your own, but belongs to parents, families, community, belonging to so many people who care about you. Love themselves, love their own lives have become the responsibility incumbent upon you.

May be some people, but their lives take a joke. I remember not long ago had heard this kind of one thing: a school, a primary school as a result of poor test scores by the teacher\'s criticism of the parents to blame, it is so vulnerable to his suicide by jumping off a building on this, and a young In this way of life is over. After listening to this shocking incident, I was shocked, I did not expect such a young boy, so there ------- with the idea of jumping off a building to end their lives. Is the value of the life he did not know it? Is the jump as he did not know it would be a thing of the past? Is the jump as he did not know how many people will leave behind a few of the suffering it?

Is not it an emotion?

A young life, the enjoyment of the students of this concern, teachers enjoy, enjoying the care of parents, grandparents enjoy after their well-being, enjoying their own In the Mood for Love, but he has thus gone permanently.

Sadder still, but at the same time, I can not help but fell into a meditation.

Is the most valuable, and only people can create wealth, to make the world a better place. Only students of laughter, lively figure in order to make our campus is full of sunshine, full of vitality. But human life is very fragile, if we do not pay attention to safety awareness, depending on the security risks regardless of security issues as measures to prevent the poor do not have a strong sense of responsibility to life as a child\'s play, then the resulting consequences will be unimaginable. Such as: traffic accidents; swimming drowning; play and so on, reports of a bloody incident, it is fear; this scene of the tragedy, can not bear to see people head; this all flowery away in an instant of life, and across to the community , family, loved ones \"hit only the physical and psychological. Students, the lessons of this blood, it can wake up only after you lost? No, that time, it has been too late.

Students, and blood can not be learned once, can not be a repeat of the tragedy, there is no second life you! We only know a truth and take preventive measures, in life, each step of the way, always careful, always wary, alert mind, security string tension, every thought of everything \"safe\" two words, in schools attention should be paid to security outside the strict system of discipline. Such as walking carefully slip, on, under the stairs, not crowded, not to climb the railings, climbing is not high; play and activities to prevent the collision fall; attention to food hygiene, do not eat three without food, temporary stalls to eat food ; to strengthen the physical training, and enhance physical fitness, the prevention of invasive disease. Solidarity between the students, not fighting, verbal abuse does not hurt, do not ; particular attention to road safety, walking traffic careful attention to safety. Honorable in the community to carry forward the spirit of the need to clearly understand their own abilities and qualifications, using appropriate methods, but also do not encourage young people to blindly honorable in order to avoid undue self-serious consequences.

Students, and treasure it! We cherish the lives of it! Let us in brilliant sunshine bathing safe side, the healthy growth of a happy life. Let our lives such as一泓Qingquan, Wing endless stream