People used to drop on the Japanese or the Spring and Autumn Period Preface; accustomed seasons throughout the year as the well-being of the world. All things in the world to change, it was difficult to hold negative attitude towards the human concubine grudges sad sad to see it even harder for Fengqing clear. Have been changed for many years, we happy to ease as a habit.
Each of us happy in their daily lives are not happy with a day off every 24 hours, why not spend happily attending it every day? Because of the time for everyone is fair, no matter who you are, have the same 24-hour day, the cool people to live more, to learn how to master their own fate. So depends on how you spent, of course, no one in the face of trouble and will be happy when sad smile, because some people in the world was rich and the poor, this is a causal relationship. Sages said: \"no good and bad fortune, but who himself; the report of good and evil, such as the accompanying video.\" It was a good life, it was not life, this is everyone\'s different rewards. As the saying goes dead than popularity. Therefore, we must learn , saying: \"If you fall short, more than than the next.\" We should be able to remain optimistic, cheerful, calm mind, good at all to ease the pressure, the elimination of all troubles. As the saying goes: the broader picture, temporary calm forbearance. Buddhism stresses: Zen mind clean throughout, no everything is wide. Because the patient is not weak, but the mosquito-minded. So that we can in the shortest time possible to adjust their mentality. Sad to know, annoyance, resentment, sorrow is not a good way to solve the problem.
Therefore, we must learn tolerance. One old legend of ancient Zen master, one night walking in the Temple, sudden see a corner with a chair while he was in violation of a glance to see Temple go out strolling the越墙regulation. Quiet is not the old Zen master, walked the wall, the removal of a chair, place and squat. Shortly afterwards, a young monk climbing over the wall did come back, the dark walking back into the old Zen master of the yard. When he feet of land when it was found out that riding is not just a chair, but his own master. All of a sudden panic-stricken young monk, a loss for words. Unexpectedly, the chef did not blame his stern voice, but a calm tone that the late days of cool, go more than an item of clothing you wear. Confucius say: terrain-kun, the gentleman should tenet. Means that soft terrain, the gentleman\'s virtue when generous, if all things are contained. So often people with the mentality of tolerance can be a better person on probation, education of people. So we must learn to happily live and have life easy. This kind of thinking must always remind ourselves that we should be happy to spend every day, because everyone will want their day a little better off, although not from the material to meet their own, but to learn how to make up for their own spiritual emptiness. Everyone have their own built-in ideas, have their own hobbies and interests, as long as they have really liked to do, you, under any circumstances, will feel substantial and solid. Therefore, people must have ideals, aspirations have found things to do in line with their ideals and aspirations, you must seize the time to do it, more perfect as far as possible, so that their own satisfaction, but also that they should be satisfied with this is the key to our ideals. Because human life is limited, energy is also limited, not to vote in the wrong place to focus, it will come to naught, life-long regret.
Fame and fortune all the human world are illusory false, fickle; not persistent these fame. The real fame of a person\'s heart is good, people say Hello, this is the best name; life easier, ease of mind, happiness and good health, and this is the greatest benefit. Because the body is your own capital. There is no body, do not have anything. As the saying goes, the rich people happy难买; Hong Kong people often say that the oral, the most important thing is happy; Beijing saying that we should live happily; Buddhists also say that people should lay down their lives comfortable. These words appear more or less the same, but each has its own understanding of the meaning of carefully. Happy is the spiritual level is activity of mind. Go to find happiness? And now more people seem to ourselves. Whether in seeking, seeking, are people happy with a happy state of mind, the existence of such a state of mind is a kind of social existence. In other words, people can not be detached from the social, lonely existence. People thinking, words and deeds, knowledge and a sense of all the virtues and the people only through the community, through the exchanges between people, ties reflected. A person\'s happiness and well-being, I am afraid we can only come from the same contacts and contact others in interpersonal relations, human relations and society in order to enjoy happiness, feelings of happiness.
Life is a continuous learning process of self-perfection, but do not always understand the truth thoroughly, there will always be intentional or unintentional, and separate to heart. In short, life dream, life-shun less reverse, and life is not easy, do not always make life difficult with others, not to make life difficult with their own, some people say that others do not see their own self-cultivation is not pleasing to the eye. Think about is, because everyone\'s quality of different background, educational level, by the social impact is not the same, and in others you could not at the same time, whether the others could not you? Gould says: \"often see their own thinking, and others to talk about non-Mo.\"
People to learn how to listen carefully, it is necessary to know the realm of life is best reached in for a better tomorrow, life\'s biggest puzzles is resolved for a better tomorrow. So sit-ins to promote Buddhism, most notably in the sit-ins in the Qin-xiu ,\" because the ring of Health is scheduled due to Dingfa Hui. With the wisdom to understand everything.
Happy is a realm of consciousness is a kind of tolerance, serenity of mind: worry-free people can live without worries, no troubles, no the most beautiful in the world is happy, smiling faces, so people to have an optimistic attitude is the most important. I hope that the people could \"have been happy life, since the ease in live.\"